Wonder the Service Dog Wins 8-0 Supreme Court Victory

As regular readers know, my philosophy of life includes healthy amounts of dog-human interaction. However, in a previous post on Wonder the service dog, I’ve stated that a one-size fits all solution that brings distracting dogs into classrooms is detrimental to learning.

Certainly, many years ago when I was a youth and people were healthier, there were no “special needs” students in school and neither were there dogs allowed.

Everyone was a normal kid and dogs stayed at home waiting for you to get home from school, at which time there was a joyful greeting complete with excited tail wagging.

Worse, the girl in this case was born in India and adopted by liberal white parents, thus imposing huge costs on their local school system.

Why the f*ck are these people not bearing their own g*ddamn costs by tutoring the cute parasite at home? More relevant, a sane country would not bring in cripples from other countries, no matter how cute and adorable they are.

Tough love. America needs it. F*ck the Fry family.


The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday sided with a disabled Michigan girl whose school refused to let her bring her service dog to class, making it easier for students like her to seek redress for discrimination in federal court.

The justices ruled 8-0 that Ehlena Fry, 13, and her parents may not be obligated to go through time-consuming administrative appeals with the local school board before suing for damages for the emotional distress she said she suffered by being denied the assistance of her dog, a goldendoodle named Wonder.

Ehlena was born with cerebral palsy, a neurological condition that severely limited her mobility. Wonder was trained to help her balance, retrieve dropped items, open and close doors, turn on lights, take off her coat and other tasks.

“I saw with my own eyes how Wonder helped my daughter grow more self-reliant and confident,” Stacy Fry, Ehlena’s mother, said in a statement. “We are thankful that the Supreme Court has clarified that schools cannot treat children with disabilities differently or stand in the way of their desired independence.”

The justices sent the case back to a lower appeals court to determine whether Ehlena’s complaint involves the impermissible denial of a proper special education.

The dispute arose in 2009 when Ehlena’s elementary school in Napoleon, Michigan refused to allow her to attend school with Wonder. The school said she already had a one-on-one human aide, as part of her individualized special education program.

The family eventually moved to a different school district where Wonder was welcomed. They filed suit in 2012 in federal court, claiming discrimination under the federal Americans with Disabilities Act, which permits service dogs in public institutions.

The American Civil Liberties Union, which represented the family, said the ruling will remove unfair legal hurdles for victims of discrimination that prevent students from seeking justice guaranteed by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Napoleon Community Schools Superintendent Jim Graham said he had no comment.

Ehlena and her parents sued the school district seeking money damages for emotional harm, claiming the school deprived Ehlena of her independence, including in intimate settings such as the bathroom.

Wednesday’s ruling overturned a 2015 decision by the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati, Ohio upholding a dismissal of the lawsuit. The appeals court had said that under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), a federal law governing special education, the family had to exhaust all of the administrative hearings in its service dog dispute with local and state officials before filing suit.

Writing for the court on Wednesday, Justice Elena Kagan said that if the substance of a lawsuit does not claim the denial of a proper special education under IDEA, then exhausting the administrative remedies is not required.


11 thoughts on “Wonder the Service Dog Wins 8-0 Supreme Court Victory

  1. If they win their “emotional distress” lawsuit, everyone in that district will be forced to pay more taxes. Something to think about if one is on that jury.

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  3. “. The school said she already had a one-on-one human aide, as part of her individualized special education program.”
    Who is paying for this full time worker? Why not the adopting mother or father, they wanted the crip POS, let them do 100% of the work.
    The Jewsupreme Court will always make whatever decision will harm the USA the most. Always. the ACLU is a Jew Spew crowd also.
    What about the other kids in the class? They will all be looking at the dog, not the teacher. None of those kids rights matter – only the “rights” of a foreign born non white crippled piece of shit – and her flaming dog.

    This adoption and legal immigration of a cripple makes Angelina Jolie look sane. The USA is doomed, no doubt about it.

  4. The Supreme Court is supposed to opine on questions of Constitutionality that could have a national impact or consequence. WTF did this case have to do with anything? Oh, I forgot, we have majority jews and a wise latina on our SC now.

  5. The ADA is bullshit. Bush 41’s worst mistake, other than putting Souter on the Supreme Court. Obviously a dog in a classroom is a big distraction. Is there no sanity-based exception when the accommodation would get in the way of the agency’s mission? Do they let kids with Tourette’s shout down the teacher?

    • Tourette’s disease seems to be now universal with so called comedians and Hollywood types generally, including women. Potty mouths!

      • I’m pretty sure that having Tourette’s is part of the job description these days.

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