White Woman Attacked by Black Mob Claims Hate Crime

If you’re a white person and you enter a business of any kind that has a significant number of blacks in it, get out quietly. You’re in danger.

That’s life in America today. You’re in danger even if you’re a big, husky white guy. If you have a gun on you, you’re in less danger.

Angela Rockey was a woman without a gun in a neighborhood bar filled with blacks.


NEW ALBANY, Ind. (WDRB) — A New Albany woman says she was attacked outside of a Floyd County bar, and she is calling her attack a hate crime.

Angela Rockey tells WDRB she was standing outside Mac’s Hideaway on Slate Run Road around 2 a.m. Sunday when she began to be attacked.
Nearly a dozen people started causing a disturbance inside the bar, and as they were leaving, pushed the door open, which hit Rockey in the side.

“This girl turned around, and she punched me in my mouth and instantly broke my teeth,” Rockey said. “They just kept saying that over and over. ‘Stay down, you white b****.’”

Rockey said the group consisted of nearly a dozen black men and women who continued to attack her while making racial comments against her.

The owner of Mac’s Hideaway confirmed to WDRB that an incident did occur inside the bar, and much was caught on surveillance camera – footage that is being reviewed by the New Albany Police Department.

Rockey has hired a lawyer and plans to sue Mac’s Hideaway, claiming its security did not intervene or do anything about the fight that was happening just outside the front door.

During the altercation, one of the alleged assailants pulled out a cell phone and began filming the attack.

The fight eventually stopped after the police were called, and a member of the group jumped over Rockey to shield her from the attack continuing.

By the time police arrived, the attackers were gone and Rockey was left with several cuts, bruises and broken teeth.

“It was very random. I don’t know how else to explain it,” said Rockey, wiping tears from her eyes. “It could have been anybody.”

New Albany police say they are actively investigating the case.
Rockey’s family is offering a $1,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest for the attack.

Last week when an immigrant from India was gunned down in a bar, whites and Hindus donated over half a million dollars to his family. No one is talking about setting up a fund to help Angela.

Whites have to learn to stick up for their own because no one else will. More importantly, recognize that we’re in a race war. One that if we lose, will result in our hard genocide.

12 thoughts on “White Woman Attacked by Black Mob Claims Hate Crime

  1. I’m glad she’s calling it a hate crime, White/European people need to start kicking up more of a fuss about the way we are treated.

  2. Who will help Angela? why not contact her to set up a fund and to see what happens? She needs a help big time. she needs to get her teeth fix since damages have done to her. it’s was not right for what Africa-America people did to her for no appearing reason. well, need to end BLM black live matters ASAP.

  3. White women should not be in a bar alone at 2 a.m. Especially not a bar full of feral apes.
    She would not enter the chimp cage at the zoo, so why do so at Macs Hideaway?
    She got a life lesson about black people which all white nigger lovers need to get at some time or another.
    Some need the lesson more than once.

  4. My only question is, why was a White woman in such a place at such an hour? This does not excuse the situation, but that question does have to be asked. It is not good sense at all. In 1979 I went to San Francisco and went to visit Haight Street. No hippies, but a lot of swarms of black guys just hanging around. There in the evening I was the only white to be seen, very white with red hair, felt very nervous. Caught the first cab available rather than even wait for a bus. And those were much less violent days.

    • While I may agree that she should not have been around Negro areas, it’s not right to blame her in the slightest. It should be White Americans who are free to walk and be in any area they choose in this country. Instead, it is now only the niggers who can do that.

      And, to hell with that “hate crime” crap. That is a jew invention, and it’s not needed. All that is necessary is to enforce the laws which have always been in place, and that are still on the books. People need to learn that “their” government is not going to do it as it now stands and prepare to see that it is done anyway by application of private initiatives when government (and the courts) will not fulfill it’s obligations..

      • That is one reason the reaction to Trump is so ludicrous. On the whole, he is only enforcing EXISTING laws that the Obama yahoo let slide.

    • Look up the Zebra killers, who murdered more than 70 San Francisco whites in the 1970s for a race war type of idea. The media covered it up.

  5. I second the two comments above. Do not mingle around negroes. Avoid them at all costs and always pack heat.

    • There are 20 rounds in my XDM so I feel no need to avoid pavement apes

      Even when unarmed I feel no need to avoid pavement apes, since I am well trained and they are not

      How about, instead of fearing pavement apes, we teach White men to dominate non Whites, to rule over them and keep them heeled

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