Statue of Liberty Goes Dark, Leftist Twitter Sees Anti-Trump Protest

CBS News

NEW YORK – It was lights out for the Statue of Liberty for a while Tuesday night, reports CBS New York.

Aside from Lady Liberty’s crown and torch, an EarthCam live stream showed the Statue of Liberty standing in New York Harbor cloaked in darkness.

Twitter users noticed, including CBS News’ Brendan McHugh:

But then things returned to normal. McHugh tweeted, “Lights are back on folks. Still no reason why they went off in the first place.”

The lights returned shortly before midnight. The outage lasted several hours.

It left tweeters speculating that it might have been done on purpose in light of Wednesday’s “A Day Without Women” protest of inequality.

But National Park Service spokesperson Jerry Willis said in a statement late Tuesday night that, “A portion of the lighting system that illuminates the Statue of Liberty experienced a temporary, unplanned outage tonight. The outage was most likely due to work related to

an ongoing project to activate a new emergency backup generator that is part of our last remaining Hurricane Sandy recovery projects. We will be able to confirm the cause when crews return to the island Wednesday morning.”

This Jewish fellow goes full retard:

Mission of inclusion? Bwaaahahahahahaaaaaaaaa! Where is that in the Constitution, Jew boy?

One more thing. Many liberals are speculating that Wednesday’s Day without Women worldwide strike is related to the power outage.

I have a separate post on that topic.

4 thoughts on “Statue of Liberty Goes Dark, Leftist Twitter Sees Anti-Trump Protest

  1. How symbolic! All we need now is to remove that DA poem about the wretched masses yearning to come here and be free to destroy everything we’ve done to make this a great land open to low IQ scum who had rather reduce us to their miserable level than rise up to our elevated level. If it were only the misfits silently invading us we have to be concerned about. We also have to deal with their enablers, already entrenched here, with a sick desire to see our country reduced to a 3rd rate wasteland. Americas future looks like the outskirts of Mexico City today.

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