Kid Who Flashed “Pepe Sign” During Photo Op with President Trump Brings Cries of “Racist” from Liberals

The boy who flashed the A-OK sign is from Briarwood Christian School in Birmingham, Alabama. Hey, we know that every white person from Alabama is a Negro-lynching racist f**k, right liberals.

Until Pepe made the A-OK sign no one else in the entire history of the world had ever done so. Right, liberals?

The liberal media that picked up the theme of Trump meeting racist kids in the White House showed their stupidity, their evil, and their hatred of Trump. Only the (((media))) would smear a kid like this. Pathetic.

Read the story at The Gateway Pundit.

6 thoughts on “Kid Who Flashed “Pepe Sign” During Photo Op with President Trump Brings Cries of “Racist” from Liberals

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  2. Trump was born to be President. While Trump was doing this unscheduled photo op, Obama would have been playing golf with (((elitist))) snobs.
    Trump is a barnstorming politician of the old school, a huckster who loves a fight. He is a man of the people. Obama is more the cold calculator of the Himmler kind. Don’t get me wrong, I am a Himmler fan – but guys like Himmler never have to be elected. Nor did Henry Kissinger ever have to be elected.
    Himmler types need thin lips to complete the package, Kissinger and Obamas horrible fat lips disqualify them. They look like circus clowns in face make up.

    Lucky for leftists Trump is only allowed eight years as President.
    Maybe the boy is doing Pepe, maybe it is the OK sign which is polite in the West but rude in several countries, Russia is one of those where the OK sign is impolite and has a rude meaning.

  3. I did not notice the OK sign initially. I do not know if it means anything regards Pepe and Kek. But, if it does, then I am all for it and glad to see that the boy’s parents are teaching him right.

  4. One very good kid! Just the kind that jewsmedia hates – A good American who has learned to escape the conditioning, and one I hope someday to see as a leader.

  5. Fliers used this sign beofre radios.
    “Chocks away Archie”. (Thumbs up).
    “Chocks are away Biggles”. (Thumbs up).

    Biggles machine gunning tinted tribesmen “Chocs away”. (OK sign).

    Well done, Biggles!

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