Brawny Man steps aside for Brawny Woman on paper towel package

Here’s another product I will be boycotting because of its political correctness.

The embedded video below starts off with a tribute to Harriet Tubman as a role model for women. Disgusting!


Georgia-Pacific’s Brawny paper towels brand is paying homage to the strength of women during March, Women’s History Month, by replacing the Brawny Man with a Brawny Woman on limited edition paper towel packages. The packages include the hashtag #StrengthHasNoGender.

“Celebrating strong women everywhere whose personal stories have inspired the rest of us,” reads the packaging.

The company’s website and Youtube channel feature a series of videos celebrating women who have overcome obstacles to achieve great things. They include:

*Dr. Anna Kornbrot “overcame gender bias on her way to becoming the first woman to graduate from her Ivy League College.”

*Commercial general contractor Linda Alvarado

*16-year firefighter Maureen Stoecklein of Michigan

*Vernice Armour, the nation’s first black female combat pilot

*Dr. Valerie Montgomery Rice, president and dean of Morehouse School of Medicine

*Dr. Patty Lopez, who “proved you don’t have to be in the boy’s club to be a leader in a STEM field.”

*Brittany Wenger, a self-taught coder and the inventor of Cloud 4 Cancer. A college senior, “Brittany Wenger broke down stereotypes of what a modern coder looks like.”

The company also announced it is making a $75,000 donation to Girl’s Inc, an advocacy group focused on inspiring young girls to enter these fields.

Remember the nice Jewish “quicker picker upper lady?” Now there was a woman and a paper towel that wasn’t offensive!

4 thoughts on “Brawny Man steps aside for Brawny Woman on paper towel package

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  2. I do not buy brand-name items such as Brawny anyway. Always the store or off-brand. Jesus, the women portrayed on the packaging are so dykey. Makes me want to buy paper-towels.

  3. HA! Thankfully, it’s not Bounty! Getting tired of switching brands and with grocery store brands so thin, they disintegrate on the way home from the store!

    For anyone interested, probably not, I did a ‘non-scientific’ curiosity study on paper towels several years go. Generally, it takes more than one generic towel to do the same job as some brand name towels So, if you compare prices per towel, marked on the shelf below the towels, you’ll find you are paying up to 25-50% more for the generic towels because you will use more.

    By the way, Bounty’s are very thick and some come in what is called Select-A-Size. Towels are easily torn in half for those lesser jobs not needing a full towel saving more money.

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