WikiLeaks warns CIA can hack cars for ‘undetectable assassinations’


Our friend Mountain Republic was on the story about the dangers of vehicle hacking with his 2013 post sourced from Inforwars. Government hackers were, according to conspiracy theories floated at the time, possibly involved in the high speed crash of Hastings car.

Today, through the Wikileaks Vault 7 release, we now have confirmation that hacking vehicles to assassinate people was a CIA subject of interest.

Washington Examiner

The CIA has been investigating ways to manipulate the control systems of modern cars and trucks that could be used for covert assassinations, WikiLeaks said on Tuesday as part of its dump of more than 8,700 documents that it claims are from the CIA’s Center for Cyber Intelligence.

“As of October 2014 the CIA was also looking at infecting the vehicle control systems used by modern cars and trucks,” WikiLeaks said in a statement. “The purpose of such control is not specified, but it would permit the CIA to engage in nearly undetectable assassinations.”

Most cars are now equipped with electronic brake control systems, and a number of systems, including acceleration, airbags, steering, door locks and entertainment system are controlled by sensors and computers, making them susceptible to hacking.

However, the risk of cars being hacked is nothing new. In 2014, two hackers, Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, demonstrated they could remotely hack the Jeep Grand Cherokee through its entertainment system and gain access to the vehicle’s other functions. Car companies and part manufacturers have beefed up security against such attacks, but the threat remains.

The FBI put out a public service announcement in March of 2016 to warn that cars are “increasingly vulnerable” to “remote exploits.” The notice offered information and tips to drivers on how they can better protect themselves, including ensuring a vehicle’s software is up to date.

There has been some movement in Congress to further shield drivers from the dangers of hacking. Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass., introduced the Security and Privacy in Your Car Act of 2015, which would create a regulatory framework to better protect drivers as car technology advances.

21 thoughts on “WikiLeaks warns CIA can hack cars for ‘undetectable assassinations’

    • So did Jorg Haider & lots of honest persons reporting the TRUTH which pisses off the Humanoid Reptiles a.k.a. Morlocks ?? Or the chosen one ??

  1. Inforwars!! With fat jew troll Alex Jones, the most kosher jew ass kisser around. What an informed source. I can’t believe you are even posting this.

    • You keep getting things wrong. I sourced my friend Mountain Republic, while he sourced Infowars. Don’t confuse your hatred of the messenger with the message. Many believe Michael Hastings was murdered via the controls on his car. Infowars reporting on the subject was based on tests that others had performed showing it’s possible.

      Do you not want the (((Deep State))) exposed?

      As to what I’m posting, I believe that Wikileaks does not fake documents. The docs I’ve seen say that assassination by hacking cars was on the table at the CIA.

      • The fact that computerized cars can be hacked into accidents has even been on the MSN news for at least a couple of years. As far as the messenger is concerned, ANY sourcing, however distant, from crap sites like Infowars contaminates everything else. Your sources must be impeccable in order for your message to be carried forward by all.

        Deep State? What the heck is that?? Nobody can say stinking jews anymore?? And they have been identified and exposed for over 50 years, especially by the likes of Eustace Mullins and Benjamin Freedman, and others. All this info is available to anyone who cares to check. The real job now is STOPPING them. I have yet to see anyone say how we do this.

      • The Mexican plan to exterminate the white race is to f**k us out of existence. You’ve seen the video Anti-Racist Hitler. It’s based on the same idea: We or the blacks or the Mexicans f**k the Jews out of existence.

        As to Infowars, they do a good job of exposing black crimes, cultural madness, etc. I don’t use them as a source if I’m looking to call out the Jew. To me, that’s reasonable.

      • My gut feeling is Hastings was killed this way! No reason for him to drive that fast unless his car was made to do so. Probably, no breaks either. That Mercedes he was driving was built almost as well as a tank. A bit of exaggeration for emphasis, but still built better for safety, I’ll stick my neck out, than all other passenger cars on the road. I think others thought a bomb inside. The door and roof look like they were blown out. No way does a Mercedes suffer than kind of damage from a head on collision under normal circumstances.

        Read today, a few CIA hackers hacked into a woman’s cell phone and watched her undress, just for fun. How many others? What else have they done, just for fun?

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  3. The driverless Google car will be a boon for the future Cheka/NKVD in the West. The doors and windows will lock and the car will drive straight to the Gulag (the lucky few), or local basement Cheka/DHS headquarters for quick execution. Nobody will pay any attention to the person or persons inside screaming. Usually this will be done at night time.
    There is no need to destroy the car, it can be reused. The passenger gets a .32 caliber bullet to the back of the neck with no witnesses, then dumped in the middle of the night in a hole in a forest. Nobody is allowed in to that forest. This has all been done in the (((Soviet Union))). They just did not have (((Google))) to help them.

    I believe the driverless Google car is evil and should be banned right now.

  4. Seems like an unreliable way to do buiness and needlessly complex

    Easier to ruin a man by downloading child porn onto his phone, laptop etc with a complete browsers history and all that jazz, then a quick phone call to the police and there you go. Time tested and proven.

    Kill a man and make a martyr; trun him into a child rapist and him and everyone who backed him is suspect, shunned, etc etc and I have seen those fuck wads try to do that to their own when they are unhappy with each other

    • There was a case in NZ where a man was accused of molesting a girl. His wife left him over it, and he ended up in prison. Another prisoner there picked on him and eventually beat him up so badly he got severe brain damage. It turns out that the guy was innocent and his attacker in prison was the one who actually did the crime.

      Life destroyed. Family destroyed. Move on. NEXT!

      • An event happened in my part of Australia where a husband and wife were adopting and there was some issue that made them become quite politically and media-active….bingo, kiddie porn appears on his computer. Somehow though it didn’t get traction, and the story was quickly killed.

  5. The CIA’s mandate is outside of U.S. borders. They have no business surveilling or hacking U.S. citizens. The FBI has that mandate and only if there is proof or suspicion of crime.

  6. “The notice offered information and tips to drivers on how they can better protect themselves, including ensuring a vehicle’s software is up to date.”

    Always make sure the latest back doors are installed so law enforcement officials can keep everyone safe.

  7. The Jorg Haider story was sort-of ground zero for this phenomenon of assassination of the politically inconvenient by terrible, terrible accident.

  8. Paladin, you asked what we thought of Pieczenik. I’m impressed every time I hear him. He is Jewish, but I don’t think he’s blowing smoke. Did I hear him say Christian Aryans were smarter?

    A little research into his bio shows he has the perfect background and expertise in psychological warfare. Having worked in the State Department under three presidents, he would know the inner workings of the CIA and other departments and most likely has contacts, as he said, that keep him updated.

    The only problem I have is him saying the leaks were from CIA operatives that want the public to know how corrupt it is. That seems far fetched since the leaks hurt Trump. This does bring to mind the meeting Trump had with some in the CIA who were definitely Trump supporters. If this is true, they are criminally liable. Is anyone in the country patriotic enough anymore to be imprisoned to save the country?

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