Why Democrats Will NOT Welcome the Next Wave of Immigrants (Hint: They’re White)


The great libertarian professor Tom DiLorenzo wrote this:

Lew Rockwell

Now that the president of South Africa has called for the government confiscation of land owned by white people without compensation, there may well be a new wave of “migrants” seeking refuge in the U.S. It is unlikely that Chuck Schumer will weep over their plight, or that the Demo-Communists will include them in their pantheon of saintly immigrants, however. Too many of them are hard-working, industrious people of Dutch ancestry. They would come to America to work and start a new life, not to become non-English-speaking, welfare absorbing, wards of the Democrat Party. Don’t expect any Obama/Soros/Clinton-orchestrated urban riots of protest if any of them are denied entry into the U.S.

Do not watch this 10 minute video unless you can deal with extremely graphic images. I didn’t watch much of it.

10 thoughts on “Why Democrats Will NOT Welcome the Next Wave of Immigrants (Hint: They’re White)

  1. The white refugees from the Ukraine War Zone are also not welcome as refugees in any Western country including Germany, nor any Ukrainian refugee from Crimea. Whites – go to the back of the bus.

      • I think russia did take them, but russia isn’t really that much in the west.

      • Russia does take them but many refugees are anti Russia. Why should pro West refugees have to go there, when illiterate Afghans and Somalis are welcome in the West? Russia is not part of the West and (((some))) plus John McCain hope to keep it that way. A small part of Russia is geographically Europe and Russians and Ukrainians are nowadays whiter than the countries of say Britain and France, overall.

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  3. I will not go into detail on South Africa here. Please research it yourself. The evil YT’s who live there now were not wealthy enough to emigrate from there in 1994 when the traitorous white gov’t turned over power to the apes. Twenty-plus years later, these evil YT’s are out-casts, stripped of any wealth, rights, or privileges. The mud-apes let some of the knowledgeable evil YT’s service the “machines” that keep on the lights and water, but the rest live in fear and squalor. The U.S. for over 30 years have denied white South Africans the privilege of emigrating to the U.S. Thank our a**wipe jew media/Hollywood and gullible American YT’s for supporting the white South Africans dispossession. This episode is much worse than the jew’s fake holocaust. I hope and pray that the Trump Administration will change these policies in the near future. If you want a quick overview of what their situation is like, then watch the original Planet of the Apes movie.

    • 2 million whites are supporting 40 million black parasites. When the whites leave or die, then SA will go down the gurgler and be just like all the other black African countries. Maybe worse due to the high numbers of blowins from all over Africa. SA is multicultural and mutiracial. With Coons, that means war!

  4. Well, Dr. Stanton of Genocide Watch, some years ago, said SA was in stage 6 of 10 genocide. Two years ago, he said the UN would look at it to see if genocide was occurring. Evidently, the UN decides. Fat chance the UN is going say White Genocide is occurring anywhere. No updates from Dr. Stanton since then. Nothing on his website.

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