White Mom Bludgened to Death by Wine Bottle in Liquor Store Holdup Carried Out by Elderly Negro Parolee


And so another victim of the undeclared race war in America is tallied.

New York Daily News

A Rochester liquor store owner was beaten to death with a wine bottle during a heist that occurred inside her shop, police say.

Mother-of-three Charlotte Lahr, 46, was found lying unconscious inside South Ave. Wine and Liquor Thursday when a customer called for help to the scene. Authorities’ efforts to revive the woman were unsuccessful.

Local parolee Kevin Quander, 59, was arrested and charged with third-degree murder and robbery the next day, thanks to surveillance footage of the crime and fingerprints that investigators were able to retrieve from the scene.

According to Syracuse.com, a criminal complaint said Quander “repeatedly beat the victim about the head and face with a wine bottle, causing her death.” He was also reportedly carrying a knife in hand during the brutal attack.


First responders at the scene said that Lahr suffered severe trauma to the head and upper body.

Quander, who has three previous felony convictions — was released just weeks prior to the incident, and is currently on parole for a 2007 first-degree burglary.

The repeat criminal pleaded not guilty to Lahr’s murder during his arraignment Saturday, and was ordered to be held without bail WHEC-TV reports.

Family, friends and community members gathered together for the victim’s memorial service that was held outside her business over the weekend.

We really have to do something about these creatures who walk among us. We are being genocided on a daily basis, with very little attention paid to the interracial aspects of crime.

To repeat what I’ve said before, creatures like Quander must be horsewhipped via the judicial system as youths. They must feel pain for as many times as it takes to get it to sink in: You don’t steal and you don’t hurt people.

10 thoughts on “White Mom Bludgened to Death by Wine Bottle in Liquor Store Holdup Carried Out by Elderly Negro Parolee

  1. A woman should not be alone in any shop where Coons might want the product without paying for it. Liquor is an obvious example. Also cigars and cigarettes, fried chicken, watermelon and skin whitener. Plus all ‘hoodie” Coon friendly branded products like Nike etc. The white woman should have been tooled up and behind some sort of safety barrier or counter. Maybe the blacks should have to go to a tiny window McDonalds style, pay, and only then get their liquor thought the tiny aperture?
    Browsing booze openly is strictly for whites and yellows only. No deadbeats and ex Cons, and current Coons.
    This is the way a wise liquor shop owner operates in Coon areas. Pawnshops also, or is it only in the movies?

    I guess this parolee was “unlikely to reoffend” like all black men?

  2. I wonder if this ape was part of that mass of offenders (thousands) that Obama gave freedom to in his last week of office. This creature should get the Cossack treatment: Eyelids removed with pliers, and a thin blade slipped through the stomach pouch. Takes a long time to die, and you get to see and feel it non-stop…

  3. The ape probably killed her for a bottle of ripple for which he did not want to pay or have the money to pay. We Caucasian Americans have become too civilized as have Europeans. We think that we exist to serve the law and our Constitution. We believe that these precepts are a suicide pact to which we must adhere as the colored sub-humans genocide us. We just can not wrap our minds around the concepts of evil, reality, and that the colored races/ethnicities are inferior and dangerous to us Caucasians. We perverted Christianity such that is has become Cucktianity We have let our White Disadvantage (our innate empathy, sympathy, compassion) overwhelm our survival instincts and perspectives. We can see our future in Europe which is being consumed by the cancerous pagan hordes of Africans and Muslims. The U.S. is not too far behind. Christ, I cringe that everyday I hear and read about the jews/Left screaming about which bathrooms we should use and that we must accept sodomite homos and trannys, and they have made this a national debate (actually, the jew media/Matrix has made it a debate). I am a peaceable person, but also an educated person who has studied much history (which is just repeated episodes of human nature manifested in war and conflict with brief periods of peace). We will be forced to confront the apes, the jews, the muslims, and any other colored untermensch and either deport them or exterminate them. These are icky and distasteful verboten thoughts for Caucasians. I imagine this dead woman probably asked herself “why” as her skull was being crushed by the savage mud-ape.

  4. That’s too bad. She looked like a nice decent woman.

    Let’s face it. The real reason why these jigs don’t get fried for violent crimes is because liberal Bolsheviks claim that properly flushing scum like this would be “genocide” because there are SO many of them, way more than us, and that would be “racist”. As a result, we are forced to live with criminal black savages that never get what they really deserve.

    • She had a very friendly, pleasant smile. So sad that she’s gone. All I can do is find these stories and keep posting them along with warnings that maybe might save a life now and then. The comments posted here help too to wake up a few people, I hope.

  5. Forget wasting time torturing this critter. A fast bullet is easier and less expensive. And it does not lower the soul by reverting to evil deeds…. execution plain n simple. And that goes for ANY critter like this, regardless of skintone. Why do they buy skin whitener when they are so proud to be dark?

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