“trash and feces:” California Tent City Shows the Dark Side of New World Order Socialist Paradise


This story of dysfunctional California ignores the race of the inhabitants of the tent city seen in the video below, which is near Disneyland in Anaheim, according to one commenter.

There seems to be a great deal of disagreement as to how America became so fuxated and what to do about it. The campers may be lazy parasites, drug addicts, and other losers. They may have been displaced from their jobs by illegals who keep pouring across America’s southern border.

The taxpayers have to pay for the dysfunction. There’s no telling what happens when the taxpayers are overwhelmed and tapped out.

Excerpt from Zerohedge

California, 1 of only 6 states where Democrats control the governship, statehouse (with a super-majority nonetheless) and state supreme court, is perfectly setup to implement a Bernie Sanders-inspired socialist utopia where everyone makes the same amount of money, enjoys limitless social programs and is never exposed to the horrors of gender-based bathroom signs.

And while liberals would like for you to believe that their socialist agenda is the cure for poverty (in addition to pretty much every other problem plaguing the world), California’s reality paints a slightly different picture. In fact, in just the latest example that all is not well in California’s socialist utopia, Dan Lyman recently exposed this shocking video footage of a sprawling tent city that is ‘home’ to an estimated 1,000 residents.

As Lyman points out, what was once a beautiful bike trail along the Pacific Ocean has now been transformed into a tent city, rife with crime, that reeks of garbage and human feces.

Locals have become increasingly alarmed by the rapid spread of unregulated squatters and their belongings – and their waste.

“As a cyclist who uses the trail to ride to the beach often, over this last year it has gotten substantially worse. It is unsafe and unsanitary with loose dogs everywhere and human fecal matter scattered on the trail.”

“The area is disgusting and reeks of trash and feces.”

He reports that the bike trail, once popular with outdoors enthusiasts and families which runs for miles to beaches along the Pacific Ocean, has become unsafe as miscreants plot assaults and robberies on passing riders, even laying tripwires across the path.

The story goes on to report that people are leaving California in droves in search of lower taxes and affordable housing. In economics we call that voting with your feet.

8 thoughts on ““trash and feces:” California Tent City Shows the Dark Side of New World Order Socialist Paradise

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  2. Lat time I went to London which was around 1998 I was driving past Euston train station up Eversholt st and all the front gardens of the station which were immaculate with Henry Moore sculptures and ancient trees were now completely covered with tarps and rotten old tents with garbage and blankets strewn everywhere. That was nearly 20 years ago, what it’s like now I can’t imagine. They never show it on TV, well not that I’ve seen anyway but I threw my TV out years ago.

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  5. The truth is that whites are compelled to live like this becauise dark skins get the lions share of public housing. Govt workers must never ever appear to be racist!
    In Sydney I am on a 10 year wait list for Govt assisted housing. There would not be a single African on this list, but there are a minimum of 50,000 mostly whites and mostly men.
    Who would have thought that equality means that older white men are the least entitled to welfare? Those that paid taxes all their lives.
    An African rapefugee gets housing immediately.
    The majority of blacks and “Populisms” in Australia do not work and live on welfare.
    You will not see blacks and “Populisms” in tent cities in Sydney – only whites.
    Spell checker here has been fixed. Botulisms, those that worship Allah, are now Populisms.

    Re the smell of human shit – white people better get used to it. The whole world will soon live like India, or even as bad as Africa.

  6. I saw this in January when I was in California visiting relatives. I would be driving the highways in the Bay Area, and there would be tents pitched along the highways and in the little open areas at highway junctures, overpasses, and exits. My aunt told me that many of these people come to California, because though they are homeless (actually, because they are homeless), the counties and state give them benefits. Apparently, California has the most generous welfare benefits in the U.S. I read yesterday, that California spends $25 billion a year on just illegals. Funny though, the homeless I saw were mostly evil YT’s. I would tend to believe what Robert wrote above that the mud-people get the public housing preference over evil YT.

    • “Grapes Of Wrath” meets “The Twilight Zone”.
      The brutal bulls with the bations in the former movie are now middle aged bull dykes that loathe men, especially white men, with a hatred which is probably illegal under the hate laws. I should know, I have been interview by them, and told “Go to the back of the bus”. These women vote left and work for Big Guvmint.

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