Video of Trump Allegedly Chewing Out Advisor Steve Bannon Raises Secret Service Isssues

The stories written and published on the MSM about this video are all over the Internet, including Contrary to fake news claims, the video does not show Trump “going ballistic” on Bannon.

However, none of the stories I’ve read comment on the fact that the president and his staff are endangered by allowing CNN or whoever to use a telephoto lens to capture action inside the Oval Office.

A sniper would presumably be able to set up, aim, and fire into the White House as easily as a cameraman. There’s a safety issue here that must be addressed immediately. The video captures images of Bannon, but also of Ivanka and others. Bad!

There’s also a national security issue with possible lip readers uncovering top secret information via this method.

Of course, Obama may have bugged the Oval Office before leaving the White House. He may know everything that transpires there. I wouldn’t put it past him.

11 thoughts on “Video of Trump Allegedly Chewing Out Advisor Steve Bannon Raises Secret Service Isssues

  1. Looks like amateur hour. Maybe Trump should use his own business offices for important meetings. i would imagine the Oval Office is bugged by multiple countries and alphabet agencies. There must be worelss bugs and cameras and wires everywhere.
    Trump needs a cone of silence. Made in Israel of course who else could he trust for such a device?

  2. Notice how the added circular highlight, more or less centered on the crossed window muntins, suggests a rifle scope cross-hair. Hopeful subliminal suggestion to some weak-minded wannabe assassin on CNN’s part?

  3. Simplest solution is to grow trees in to a hedge. Why would the president want to watch traffic driving by? The hedge should be nearer the boundary, not the window of the Ovum Office.

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