Unsolved Mystery: Why was David Duke Briefly Suspended by Twitter?

These kind of Tweets by David Duke undoubtedly p*ss off Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s founder and the man who has turned his company into a giant social engineering experiment hostile to the white race.

The leftist sewer that is Twitter routinely engages in speech suppression. Although David Duke is back up on Twitter, his suspension allegedly reduced his following and probably scared the Hell out of other honest conservative Tweeters.


The Twitter account of former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke was briefly suspended on Monday. Twitter has not responded to a TIME request for comment.

Reporters noted Duke’s suspension earlier on Monday.

But by Monday afternoon, the account run by the former member of Louisiana’s state House and perennial candidate was back up.

Duke appeared to have lost a substantial number of followers while his tweet was temporarily suspended, but he thanked his followers for supporting “free speech.”

13 thoughts on “Unsolved Mystery: Why was David Duke Briefly Suspended by Twitter?

    • Jack tends to target people with large numbers of followers. I don’t have nearly enough myself. Microchip has been banned (not just suspended) 100+ times, but using burner phones and VPN and other tricks he gets back on. This is his latest identity.

      I find him via his keybase verification. When he’s banned he loses followers. I think he had 50000 or more followers when I first discovered him 20 or so identities back.

  1. CEO, Jack Dorsey isn’t Jewish, but pressure from Jews only about anti-Semitism (not concerned about anything else) is why we’re seeing the crackdown. For those who don’t know, a surveillance committee was formed with Jews on it along with non-Jewish police state watchdogs. That explains everything. Duke didn’t violate Twitter’s policies when he said watch the rabble rousing begin. Didn’t say Jews were rabble rousers, but Jews know what he thinks about them from his website.

    Everyone’s tweets should be taken at face value, not held accountable by what they say on their websites or comments sections, but that appears to be what Jews do.

    Do Jews have an instant ban button at their fingertips without others determining whether that ban is legitimate. It appears that’s the case. Duke did nothing wrong; therefore, was reinstated quickly probably because of the furor his Twitter pals made. That sometimes works!

  2. Duke did say Jews are (((rabble rousers))) as everyone knows (((jews))) are seen like this. Maybe he got very close to the bone? The rabble rousers of 1917 St Petersburg were Jews, and Jews do not want many people to ever learn that. the rabble rousers of the 1960s Vietnam protest were Jews. The rabble rousers against Trump are Jews. Who are the rabble? Idiot young white goys, often females, who protest demanding more Muslim men and more black African men be moved to their neighborhood, or rather, your neighborhood.

    “lost a substantial number of followers while his tweet was temporarily suspended,”
    Are followers really that superficial? What use is a follower who gives up after half a day suspension, most would not even have noticed? For one thing, a follower like that could go to Dukes own website. Who needs such shallow people? Is anything about Twitter not shallow?

    • That loss of followers business caught me off balance. I don’t really know what that’s about since I mostly only Tweet my posts. Maybe someone else knows for sure.

      Twitter is Trump’s preferred means of communicating directly to the people, so I’m happy to be a member for that reason alone. It also helps me to grab stories for posting here.

      Shallow it is but it’s a part of the propaganda war. When a trending topic comes up, I once in a while throw in a Tweet or two to trigger lefties or speak some unspeakable truth.

      • The follower situation is a mystery. Everyone loses them. There are applications that can be used to see who unfollowed you. I can get maybe 15 in a few hours only to find in a few hours 10 are gone. I think some are blocked by Twitter from following us. I see it with specific subjects, Jews, White Nationalism, Marxism, and Anthony Napoleon.

      • Twitter is an honest business name. Here is the meaning of Twitter from Wordnik…

        ” v.
        To utter a succession of light chirping or tremulous sounds; chirrup.
        To speak rapidly and in a tremulous manner: twittering over office gossip.
        To giggle nervously; titter.”

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