Friendly Folks Save Iguana from Getting Run Over on Busy Street


I like what Kathy Flanders and a man did here. I think you will too.

Excerpt from My San Antonio

Kathy Flanders’ day had been uneventful until she was headed home from grocery shopping and encountered a man waving for her to stop, pointing down to something he wanted her to avoid hitting.

When she opened her car door and looked down, she saw what prompted him to stop traffic — a 2-foot-long iguana ambling down Hermosa Drive.

“Oh, my goodness, my mouth just dropped,” Flanders said, recalling the scene last week. “You don’t see that around here at all. I instantly thought this poor thing needs help, he’s going to get run over.”

She pulled over and parked her car at the curb and joined the man trying to shoo the green and turquoise iguana out of the street. Flanders herded him like an errant calf, finally getting him onto a neighbor’s lawn where an Animal Care Services officer later captured the reptile.

The iguana is the latest odd animal that ACS has rescued in recent weeks.

ACS officers have taken in abandoned numerous pets, including three ferrets, a trio of tortoises, a baby alligator and an injured baby owl. They have also responded to calls for four wandering hogs and a skunk with its head stuck in a dumpster’s drain pipe.

When the iguana scrambled up an oak tree in the neighbor’s yard, Flanders called ACS dispatchers. The reptile stayed in the three until an ACS officer arrived.

When the ACS officer arrived to get the iguana, he brought out a net.

“You’re going to need a bigger net,” Flanders said.

When she showed him Leonidas, the officer agreed. He ended up using the net for the top half of the iguana and covering the reptile’s back legs and long, whipping tail with a huge blanket before securing the animal in a large kennel on his truck and transporting it to the ACS campus.


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