European White Youth Going Fascist Quickly Now

Don’t be afraid of the word “fascist.” It simply means in this context that white youths are refusing to participate in the extermination of the white race and Western culture.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

An Italian photographer has bravely captured life inside some of Europe’s fascist hate groups.

Paolo Marchetti pictured young fascist skinheads from the UK, Germany, Spain and Italy giving the Hitler salute at a Nazi rock concert, at anti-immigrant marches and at skinhead summer parties over the past decade.

One disturbing image showed hundreds of people at a Nazi rock concert in Rome in May, 2013.

Here are three sample images from the photos. There are many more at the Daily Mail, along with the rest of the story.

The purpose of the story here is to scare white Europeans back into the arms of the very leftists who are destroying them. Don’t be afraid. Join us in the most noble cause in world history, the preservation of the white race.

6 thoughts on “European White Youth Going Fascist Quickly Now

  1. It never occurs to these social liberals that not everything is defined in terms of political agendas. Decent, family and country oriented people do not like being railroaded into situations they disagree with and will push back if they are pressed hard. All too often these dumped upon people push back in the only means available, adaption of past aggressors. If assimilation were so easy and natural why is it nearly impossible to get a cat and a dog to coexist without being brought up together? People will accept difference in their midst but they will not tolerate strange and the leftists of Northern Europe do not recognize politics do not control human nature.

  2. This is very heartening to see. I only hope that a new Hitler will rise and initiate a blood-storm across Europe and against all non-Caucasians and jews through-out Europe. Europe is doomed otherwise.

    • The first Hitler made a mess of it and killed almost entirely white people on both sides of the conflict. Even his signed order to kill the scum gypsies was not carried out to any useful extent.
      If German men were too tender hearted in 1939 to 1945 what hope is there that future whites will do what needs to be done, ethnic cleansing wise?
      Jews are very good at exterminating people, we should get them on our side, they love that job and proved it from 1917 to 1941.
      Croats, Serbs and some others have been good at it, but only against the neighbors of theirs which they hate.
      The Tutsi were pretty good with the machete, or were they the lot that took it in the neck?
      Whites need a charismatic leader like General Butt Naked of Liberia.

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