Supreme Court Approves Death Penalty Appeal Due To Racist Testimony


An expert witness testified that blacks are dangerous. That truthful fact is enough to keep Duane Buck’s death sentence for murder from being carried out.

That’s crazy because the truth is often “racist.” Shouldn’t truth be expressed in a court of law?

Excerpt from IB Times

A death row inmate’s appeal can continue because an expert witness at his original trial said blacks were more likely to be dangerous than other races, the Supreme Court ruled Wednesday.

In a 6-2 decision, the Court ruled that Duane Buck, now 53, was entitled to continue to appeal the death sentence he received for the 1995 murder of his ex-girlfriend, Debra Gardner, and her friend, Kenneth Butler. Buck also shot his stepsister, who survived.

Buck was found guilty of the murders, and the jury in the case was charged with determining if Buck should be sentenced to death. As the Court noted, in order to hand down a death sentence, the jury had to determine that Buck would likely “commit criminal acts of violence that would constitute a continuing threat to society.” During the sentencing phase of his trial, Buck’s own attorney called upon Dr. Walter Quijano, who testified on behalf of prosecutors in more than 100 capital murder cases, to delivery expert testimony.

During cross-examination, the prosecutor in the case asked Quijano if “the race factor, black, increases the future dangerousness” of Buck. Quijano replied that Buck’s race did indeed make him more likely to be dangerous in the future. In spite of another psychologist testifying that Buck was not likely to be dangerous in prison, as he had served time without incident in the past and that the murders were a “crime of passion,” the jury sentenced Buck to death after asking for Quijano’s report during deliberation.

On Wednesday, the court rejected the state’s argument that Quijano hardly mentioned race in his testimony, and therefore wasn’t the main factor in the jury’s decision to put Buck to death.

CNN claims that Buck was sentenced to die because he’s black.


He’s a killer, CNN. You think that might have something to do with it.

3 thoughts on “Supreme Court Approves Death Penalty Appeal Due To Racist Testimony

  1. The JewSuckMeme Court pretends that blacks are no more violent than whites. The “judicious” ones all know this is false, 8 of 8. The Jewsupreme court is a tyranny of lies, like the Stalinist Soviet Union. Truth is punished and lies are rewarded. The expert gave a truthful answer to a question he was asked. He was not expressing a “racist” opinion, he was stating a fact which unfortunately is bad for blacks – they are dangerous, much more dangerous than whites, by a factor of 12 or so. A black criminal is more likely to reoffend than a white criminal. BTW, a crime of passion does not include innocent bystanders, it is just killing the loved one who has annoyed the hell out of the killer. This black is a spree killer or mass murderer.

    22 years ago sentenced to death yet he is still alive?
    He should have been executed within 22 hours. His victims did not get 22 years to wait and see if they would die, they got just minutes, or seconds. Funny that a black killer has more rights than a jury of 12 of his peers, 12 good people and true vs one passionate, dangerous piece of shit.

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