Police Refute Jew’s Hate Crime Claims: Toppled Jewish Gravestones NOT Vandalized

Always the victim, Jews do not believe the police conclusion that high winds and poor maintenance caused a group of gravestones to fall over.

Oy vey!

By the way, how come Jews get to have their own cemetery and whites do not?

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Police in New York City have determined that gravestones damaged in a predominantly Jewish burial ground in Brooklyn had not been vandalized.

More than 40 tombstones were overturned at Washington Cemetery in the borough’s Midwood neighborhood. The NYPD’s hate crimes division was notified and investigated the matter. Investigators later said environmental factors and maintenance likely caused the damage, ABC News’ New York station WABC reported.

New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind Saturday night tweeted photos of the overturned tombstones, writing that the neighborhood watch group Boro Park Shomrim “alerted me that stones @ Washington Cemetery are down. I’ve spoken w/ the NYPD who are investigating. I’ll be there in the am.”

In a statement following the investigation, Hikind alluded that the headstones had been targeted for nefarious reasons.

“More than 40 headstones were overturned. These stones were all in the same section where barbed-wire had been cut. Despite the fact that there are thousands upon thousands of graves stretching over many blocks, this was the only section where gravestones had been turned over,” the statement said. “This area is less than 5% of the total cemetery grounds.”

“So strong winds hit this section and left the other ones alone? I find that hard to believe. Something is definitely not kosher,” the statement concluded.

18 thoughts on “Police Refute Jew’s Hate Crime Claims: Toppled Jewish Gravestones NOT Vandalized

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  2. Looking at the larger photo, notice some of the bases sunk in the ground unevenly which would cause the tombstones to lean forwards or backwards. Don’t know how they attach tombstones, if attached, or just sitting on their bases, but I suppose over the years with the base sinking unevenly, very strong winds could push leaning tombstones over or they could just fall over on their own.

  3. The jews get all kinds of grants from Homeland Security. That is the primary reason that they engage in these types of hoaxes. The jews want to keep the money coming. The fortunes which are being given to Israel are not enough. “Merican” jews want theirs, too.

    • Forgot the link:

      St. Louis Jewish institutions receive security grants
      Jul 3, 2016

      “Six Jewish institutions in the St. Louis area are receiving a total of $370,000 from the Department of Homeland Security to help protect them against possible threats.

      The money is the latest allocation of federal preparedness grants intended to help prevent and protect the country from terrorist attacks and other emergencies.

      According to a press release from U.S. Rep. Lacy Clay, D-Mo., the Jewish Federation of St. Louis, two Jewish schools and a senior center also received grants from DHS.”

      Another article linked there at the bottom of the page has this information:

      “The area’s Jewish population is up 14 percent since 1995 to an estimated 61,000 people. Households with at least one adult Jew have increased 34 percent for a count of 32,900, according to an in depth survey commissioned by the Jewish Federation of St. Louis.”


  4. Jews are cheap. When asked if they want the headstone cemented down for an extra ten bucks they say no, Hymie will not know the difference.
    What I do not get is why any Jews are buried at all. Is not cremation cheaper?

  5. New York jews spreading the word about the free grant monies and what must be done to collect them. This goes on all across the country. It’s not confined to areas known for big collections of jewry.

    “When’s the money coming out”?

    “Short answer, we don’t know. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security cannot formally announce any grant program before there is a federal budget and Congress gave itself up to April 28, 2017 to come to an agreement. Both the House and the Senate included the program in their appropriations, but they must still work out the funding level of the program (We want it raised to $25 million.). It could be that the grant deadline is only days, rather than weeks, after the grant announcement, so get started now!

    We don’t expect many changes in the application process this year. Our best advice, complete all of the preliminary steps below and a draft of your application (known as the “Investment Justification” or “IJ”) as soon as possible. If there are any changes, you will be able to concentrate on the changes.

    One final piece of advice. If you think that your organization is at high risk because of ideology-based/spiritual/religious reasons, think about how you would document them, especially if you follow mission implementing policies or practices that may elevate your risk.”


  6. “Jewish Organizations Bag Vast Majority of DHS Nonprofit Security Grants”

    “A Jewish Forward article reported that among 995 grants distributed through the national program from 2007 to 2010, 74 percent (734) went to Jewish organizations. In 2011, Jewish groups were the big winners again, receiving 81% of those awards. Jews make up about 2% of the U.S. population.”


    Just do a search for – security grants jewish – and you’ll find plenty of them.

    • Be sure to read the details in that posting above. It’s not just grant monies which jewry is after. Accumulation of power ranks high.

      “100 Jewish Schools To Receive Free Security”
      Some opposition is noted in the latter part of the report.

      ““As chair of the education committee I feel it’s my obligation to fight for every dollar for public school students,” he said, noting that the New York City public school system has 5,400 safety agents and only 3,000 guidance counselors.

      “I don’t get why this is so important to Councilmember Greenfield when the only thing the security agents can do is call the NYPD,” he added.


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  8. Notice at the links in the comments above why there are so many of these “Jewish headstone” types of stories. The jews get paid by our government whenever more of them happen.

    The jews are paid for these in the form of grants from Homeland Security and others. Read the links if you have any trouble determining just why these are happening. The payments aren’t the only reason, but they provide jewry with a lot of incentives. I just wanted to provide a bump to this article which has useful information but has been gone past by other news.

  9. This actually happens to gravestones. Every year, people are killed by collapsing gravestones. A couple of children were killed in separate incidents within the last year. Regards the jews, any excuse will do to claim persecution. Their lives are one constant Holocaust.

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