People hurting pets to gain pain pills


The curse of pharmaceutical drug addiction worsens.

Live 5 News

BUFFALO, NY (WIVB/KSP/CNN) – Veterinarians say people are hurting their pets to get pain pills.

To protect the pets, some vets have changed the way they prescribe pain pills.

In Kentucky, police say a woman cut her dog with a razor to obtain a prescription for pain pills that she herself used.

People often seek Tramadol to get a better high.

Dr. R. Reed Stevens, a veterinarian at Ellicott Small Hospital in Buffalo, NY, has reduced how often he prescribes Tramadol and other pain medications after concerns of peole abusing their pets to get the medications.

“It strikes to us at the core, in terms of what we’re about in terms of helping animals,” Stevens said.

He says he has been suspicious of people in the past.

Red flags include drugs going missing and refills coming more often.

10 thoughts on “People hurting pets to gain pain pills

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  2. There was a temporary ban in a nearby city where I live on homeless people having pets. There were numerous reasons cited and I thought it was brilliant. A bunch of activists got off their couches and raised a stir, and the bylaw was repealed. Some people DO NOT have the right to own pets. Anyone harming a pet for pharmaceuticals should be jailed with a lifetime ban on pet ownership. How is this idea radical?

    • I totally agree. The real problem is preventing these loose cannon “activists” from harassing lawmakers into repealing valid laws.

      • Talking about activists. Our small town got a Gay Pride Action center last year. Now the annual Sea Fair (that has been running every August since 1921) has been cancelled, and guess what is taking its place? The grade 4 elementary kids in several schools had to attend a tour of the Gay Pride action center on field trips last month. Only one set of parents disagreed to this; now their child has been ostracized at school and is being harassed for having “Nazi” parents. One of my nieces told me the story…

      • That’s a damn shame. I guess, however small your town is, there is nothing you can do to help reverse this trend? Activism works in reverse, too.

      • Not in Canada. Go anywhere near that building with a placard and a megaphone and you will have hate crime charges placed on you. We have a special law up here that specifically protects LGBTQ people. You cannot even criticize them in public.

  3. The jew sons of Satan are using every means (drugs, debt, porn) at their disposal to dispossess and enslave the white race.

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