Trump on Fire! President Accuses Obama of Tapping His Phones at Trump Tower

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I Tweeted to President Trump that Obama should be locked up in a cell, but to be nice, put him next to Hillary Clinton.


obama tears fake or no

Updated with this Fox News video:

Second update:


Obama thought this will never be uncovered because he thought Trump will lose. However, so much leaking of highly classified information now reaches to a break point I am 100% sure Obama did it. He will probably be charged.
Sad for America. It is like in Civil War.

More later as developments unfold.

28 thoughts on “Trump on Fire! President Accuses Obama of Tapping His Phones at Trump Tower

  1. Well, why did Trump praise the Obamas at the inauguration, then? I know everybody expects the incoming president to praise the outgoing one – but we’ve always known that Obama is straight-up scum.

      • Probably some of the “softies” on Trump’s Team kept telling him to “be nice … for the sake of the country.”

        But there really was no time then for Nice, & there definitely is no time now for any more Nice. Draw the line in the sand & stick to it. This is War (instigated by THEM) so it is past time for the Trump Admin to put its foot down & start rounding up the seditionists & their heads/leaders, the visible ones & the ones in the back rooms.

      • That is right. Bring the heat and fury. Sieg Heil! Heil The Trumpenfuehrer!

  2. In case you missed it…

    Here’s another bunch of traitors-combined > Hollywood + Silicon Valley, out to destroy the POTUS Trump Admin.; good read to learn about a few of their specific dirty tricks, from Twitter Wars/bots, to special rioting manuals, to how to get around the campaign contribution limits…

    2/28/17: “Why Tech Titans Hate Trump” – guest post by a guy named Danny who provides an “on the ground” report:
    The ruckus is all operated by about 180 rich old white guys in Hollywood and Silicon Valley.

    [Me: He should have said JEWISH guys. I see about 6, maybe more, that are Jewish of these names he provided…]

    Guys like Larry Page, Micheal Lynton, Eric Schmidt, Mark Zuckerberg, John Doerr, Steve Jurvetson, Elon Musk, Bryan Singer, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Peter Chernin, Harvey Weinstein, Robert Iger, Steve Westly, JJ Abrams. They sit around, or send their staffers around to lunches like this one, and operate actual plots and coups.

    Some of their top staffers were sitting right in front of me at this lunch and they were talking “strategic disruption”. They have a set of written manuals, that the big shots have produced, that detail how to create riots in the media, town halls and public events.
    Read full story at above link.

    • I didn’t swallow anything. This post is devoid of my comments until more facts come out. The sources I saw were divided about whether Obama had a warrant or even needed one. Lawnewz is a Jew owned site, BTW.

      • I had no idea, I won’t use them again. However, their explanation seemed credible after looking around.

      • Like I said in reply to another comment of yours on another post, Jew Dan Abrams formerly of CNN is the front man for the site. I consider them to be a reasonably fair and impartial source of legal analysis. I’ve used them before to source stories. They are definitely much better than WaPo, the NY Times, etc.

      • Add Quora to that too, 99.99% liberal, most very far left liberal! I know, signed up over a year ago just to see what liberals are thinking. Many are highly educated, but spew the same lies they hear on CNN, MSNBC, NYT, and WaPo.

  3. Let’s be clear: Trump has presented every bit as much ironclad evidence for his allegation as the Obama administration / ‘Intelligence Community’ presented for their Russia nonsense back in January.

    Where is Mr Obama’s evidence? That dingleberry is so jam-packed with bullshit that he might actually have visible STINK LINES coming out of his head.

    I truly believe that if the Democrats keep this up for four years, that President Trump might actually win 45 to 50 states in 2020. People aren’t buying the Russia bullshit, but the Democrats keep doubling, quadrupling, octupling down on it. They’ve pushed every last chip they have into this one pot. And that pot smells like it’s full of shit.

  4. Everyone is getting snooped on out here. So what if Obama tapped Trump’s phones?

    Who cares? He is just like us now.

      • I think she was worried about being outed and never being able to work again.

        She could set up an email account that does NOT have her real name. Example: i just made that up so I hope it’s not a real email address.

        So she has her email without her name on it. WordPress will not know who she is. Neither will anyone else when she comments on other sites.

        Actually, I just looked. She has a fake email address, so she’s good to go. Just avoid revealing any info about yourself on your site and you’re OK. Write about only news items.

  5. This is all terrific. It is all Trump, all of the time. The jew media is tied up in knots and has no choice but to report it or be left in the cold. The Glorious Leader has finally found his stride and will keep these cretinous wretches chasing their tails while The Trumpenfuehrer enacts his strategies. Heil Trump!

      • Cartier, Regardless of our opinions and suspicions about an ultimate game plot, what and who exactly are our alternatives? Certainly not the nig Obama, nor any of his jew gang of leltists. Our White people still don’t seem to have the energy to propose anyone who is actually White and who are not a part of the entire Freemason and jew mess, and our people haven’t yet learned that they must eventually come to doing that. While good is being done, or at least seems to be, let’s support who is doing that. For now, and hopefully for the foreseeable future, that is and will be Trump.

      • I understand what you’re saying, however, ALL presidents are PLACED in office to continue the jews agenda, ultimately, a world without gentiles. We have to keep our eye on the big picture. If anyone wants to know how Hitler became the hero Germany considered him to be, watch on Youtube Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told. Thumper, as we know him, can never be matched in any capacity to this man.

        As for arguing with a woman, I’ll just say this:

        An elderly couple were talking about their long marriage when the husband asked his wife: “Every time I yelled at you, you never argued back, you just left the room. How did you keep so calm?”

        “I just went and cleaned the toilet.”

        “How did that help?”

        Smiling sweetly, she said: “I used your toothbrush.”

  6. “There are two ways to win an argument with a woman and neither one of them works.”

    Flanders wins this one! He is male isn’t he? Lol!

    • The last time I checked I’m still a man, although I do like my women. I don’t have plans for any changes to that.

      I do understand where Cartier is hesitant, and I am myself reluctant to fully accept Trump at face value. We’ve been taken for false rides before where it has taken a while for us to understand how and who was involved. We can only hope that is not the case this time, since no one has yet expressed an alternative which we can all accept and work for. Cartier does good work for our people at her sites.

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