South African President Jacob Zuma calls for confiscation of white land without compensation

We know that the taking of the property of white people in South Africa without compensation will leave those people totally vulnerable to being murdered. Thus, the white genocide will accelerate.

Here in the United States, the left pushes the message that all that white people have is due to their “white privilege.” It’s one small step away from saying, “Since whites stole all they have, it must be redistributed to nonwhites.” In fact, because of high property and income taxes in the States, our property is being confiscated from us. We’re like frogs slowly boiling in the pot.


From what I understand about Australia, the ability of whites to buy property in the first place no longer exists because of government policies favoring nonwhite migrants in housing.

In no formerly white country are we far off from a more open, but still unspoken, white genocide. Obviously, a health care system run by government that sets up rigged “death panels” is another way to white genocide.

While our white brothers and sisters in South Africa are in the greatest danger, all of us face some level of peril.


President Jacob Zumahas called on parliament to change South Africa’s constitution to allow the expropriation of white owned land without compensation.

Mr Zuma, 74, who made the remarks in a speech yesterday/FRI morning, said he wanted to establish a “pre-colonial land audit of land use and occupation patterns” before changing the law.

“We need to accept the reality that those who are in parliament where laws are made, particularly the black parties, should unite because we need a two-thirds majority to effect changes in the constitution,” he said.

Mr Zuma, who has lurched from one scandal to another since being elected to office in 2009, has adopted a more populist tone since his ruling African National Congress (ANC) party suffered its worst election result last August since the end of apartheid in 1994.

The party lost the economic hub of Johannesburg, the capital Pretoria and the coastal city of Port Elizabeth to the moderate Democratic Alliance party, which already held the city of Cape Town.

The ANC is also under pressure from the radical Economic Freedom Fighters, led by Julius Malema.

Mr Malema has been travelling the country urging black South Africans to take back land from white invaders and “Dutch thugs”.

He told parliament this week that his party wanted to “unite black people in South Africa” to expropriate land without compensation.

“People of South Africa, where you see a beautiful land, take it, it belongs to you,” he said. Although progress has been made in transferring property to black South Africans, land ownership is believed to be skewed in favour of whites more than 20 years after the end of apartheid.

The Institute of Race Relations, an independent research body, said that providing a racial breakdown of South Africa’s rural landowners was “almost impossible”.

I haven’t watched all of the video below, but for those interested in the Boers, the part I watched seemed informative.

3 thoughts on “South African President Jacob Zuma calls for confiscation of white land without compensation

  1. People just do not know history. The entire Transvaal, East South Africa, and the Cape had NO human settlements after 1200 AD. They were abandoned. When the Boers went there in the 1800s to make a paradise out of the place, they didn’t have to colonize—it was there for the taking. The English only took an interest in it after diamonds and gold were found there, and only when the Jewish banking family—the Barclays—financed a war with Dutch settlers to get it. SO much tragedy here. A template for the end of the west. Once the white man is gone it doesn’t take long for the stone age to come back…

  2. Great idea – it worked so well in Zimbabwe when Mugabe did his own little racial land steal. The result was the withdrawal of all capital from Zimbabwe, then soaring hyperinflation when they had to print vastly more money to make up for it. While this was going on, I bought a few 100 trillion dollar Zimbabwe notes for a couple bucks on ebay. They’re quite a conversation piece, and I could sell them today for a profit. Will the rand be the next to go down the tubes?

  3. We really should get the Whites out and give it all back to Blackie to manage because they are so in-tune to the environment aren’t they. When the famine gets a hold, probably within the first 12 months post YT, then I hope the post-Trump UN has other priorities.

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