Inspirational Quote of the Day: The Lone Ranger’s Creed

I don’t agree with all of this, but it’s being put out for discussion.

Read more about white American icon The Lone Ranger at Wikipedia.

So far, (((Hollywood))) hasn’t tried to turn the Lone Ranger black. It would be demoralizing if that were to happen.

Wikipedia says that the men who created The Lone Ranger also created the Green Hornet.

George W. Trendle, suspected Jew, actually stole the credit for the Lone Ranger from a man named Fran Striker, who was apparently not Jewish.

8 thoughts on “Inspirational Quote of the Day: The Lone Ranger’s Creed

  1. “rule of what is best for the greatest number”.
    This brilliant non Communist idea is how a country like Australia used to work in the 1950s. Until the mid to late 1960s when the shit hit the fan, non white invasion ordered by the Conservative Government of the day. Even Turks and Egyptians were welcome in Australia before 1970.
    Everybody could get a job, buy a house, find a wife or husband until about the mid 1980s.
    Those that chose not to work, fell by the wayside and were given just enough not to starve. The mentally ill were locked up, often for life and not allowed to breed, until the early 1970s.

    These days, theses swine parasites at the fringe get top priority for fast breeder status. Drug addicts, mentally ill, morons, inbreds, idiots, retards, “special needs”,abos, ex cons, Muslims, black African blow ins, unmarried women, you name it, get so much money and housing and free food that they can have many children. The govt (taxpayer) pays for everything. Muzzies even can live with multiple wives, one is called his wife and other others all get the single mother pension. This is illegal and welfare fraud as they live under the same roof (and the serious crime of bigamy). But it is what the Australian and British Govt both want. More Muslim and black babies, more more more, give them whatever they want, only let them breed, do crimes and bludge, bludge bludge!

    Meanwhile whites are chumps and slaves paying huge taxes to breed garbage bin people for the future.

  2. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Tonto, disguised as a pool table, is getting his ba!!s racked …

    Once upon a time, there were one-liners that started with “Meanwhile, back at the ranch”. That one is the only one I remember.

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