Court rules Wyoming wolves should be stripped of federal protections



In finding the picture above of a Wyoming wolf I had to look at dozens of pictures of hunters holding the dead bodies of wolves shot and killed for sport. Horrific. I won’t show those pictures. It’s a wolf holocaust in the American West.

Wyoming is one of two American states that has no refugee resettlement program. Montana is the other.

That’s the good news. Welcoming dangerous parasites into your home is not a good thing to do.

The bad news is that Wyoming also does not welcome wolves, who were present on the land long before the white man showed up.

The wolf is a far less dangerous predator than the two-legged refugee. Like all living creatures he needs to eat and feed his family. Surely, the state can allow the few hundred remaining wolves to live peacefully among the grasslands and forests of that sparsely populated state.

But no.

Yahoo News Canada

(Reuters) – Wolves in Wyoming should be stripped of Endangered Species Act protections and management given to the state rather than the U.S. government, a federal appeals court ruled on Friday, a decision that opens the door for hunting of the animals.
U.S. wildlife managers in 2012 determined that wolves in Wyoming had rebounded from the threat of extinction and that the state plan to oversee the creatures was adequate to ensure their survival.

But conservation groups sued, contending the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service had acted in an arbitrary and unlawful fashion in finding Wyoming’s plan acceptable. They argued the state would fail to maintain the animals at certain population levels and would subject a portion of them to being shot on sight.

A U.S. district judge sided with environmentalists in a 2014 decision and the several hundred wolves in Wyoming were once again placed under federal safeguards.

The state, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Agency and others appealed that ruling and, on Friday, the U.S. Court of Appeals in the District of Columbia reversed the lower court, finding that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service had indeed “exercised its judgment in a reasonable way” in concluding that Wyoming’s management plan would provide wolves with sufficient protections.

“The record demonstrates that the Service reasonably and adequately responded to concerns about the reliability of Wyoming’s management plan,” the court said in the opinion.

The decision was quickly hailed by Wyoming’s Republican governor, Matt Mead, who said in a written statement, “This is the right decision for wolves and for Wyoming.”

Mead said the state will once again assume management of wolves once the 2012 delisting rule is formally reinstated but the time frame was not immediately clear.

Conservationists decried the ruling, which they said they were still reviewing.

“But we’re going to continue to fight to protect wolves from hostile and extreme state management policies where they exist,” Tim Preso, attorney for the environmental law firm Earthjustice, told Reuters by telephone on Friday.

Wolves were hunted, trapped and poisoned to near extinction in the Lower 48 states before coming under federal protections in the 1970s.

They were re-introduced to the Northern Rockies in the mid-1990s over the objections of ranchers and sportsmen, who feared wolves would prey on livestock and game animals favored by hunters.

In 2011, wolves in Idaho and Montana were delisted through an unprecedented act of Congress. Both of the Northern Rocky Mountain states have liberal hunting and trapping seasons tied to wolves.

The wolves are speaking to us. They are saying, “Don’t kill us.”

Listen, and heed their call.

12 thoughts on “Court rules Wyoming wolves should be stripped of federal protections

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  2. Stop being a hippie

    Wolves play havoc on the livelihoods of White ranchers and Whites who take other Whites out on guided hunts

    White lives matter way more then the fucking wolves

  3. By attacking Richard Spencer in his hometown of Whitefish, Montana, they’re setting up a psy-op where that state will be compelled to resettle refugees there as well…so by the end of this year, Wyoming could well be the only remaining state to refuse refugees.

  4. Insanity. The population numbers do not merit this. Tagged and licensed hunting with maximums if one has to in certain areas where cattle stocks are highest—but shoot on site is unheard of for any creature in the wild. These noble creatures are not kangaroos or rats for Christ sakes…

    • Kangaroos are not allowed to be shot on sight. A farmer must get a permit to cull a a herd. Also I think that shooting kangaroos for dog meat has now finished.
      in Australia most native animals are protected including crocodiles, snakes and most breeds of sharks.
      Pretty much all feral animals can be shot on sight, and there are lots of those.
      The last open season on kolas was in 1929 or so Queensland when about one million were shot.

  5. This is why animal welfare organizations lean left. Conservatives side with ranchers who always receive compensation for the very few cattle lost, puppy mill owners who breed dogs in vile conditions, corporate agriculture where cruelty is out of control, and hunters who can go to the grocery store or local farmers for beef, pork, chicken and turkey. How about animals be given a gun so the match is fair!

    It’s going to be a tough 4-8 years for animals in the Trump administration. Very sad we have to make a choice to save the country versus the animals.

  6. I watched a documentary on the Dolomites recently. The announcer said re wolves which are back in the region “The wolves kill the weakest members of the prey herds and this keeps the prey herds healthy’.

    It got me thinking that in the West, we do the opposite with humans. We protect the weakest and most stupid and encourage them to breed, such as Somalis and other Muslim blacks, and the native abos. As well as mentally ill whites including drug addicts. Ice addict females pop out one baby after another and the grandmother does all the child rearing for the nutty drug scum parents.
    Intelligent young white people, not on drugs, must work and pay high taxes. Most of them will never have any children.
    Australia needs a lot more predator animals to kill and eat dark skinned human fast breeder vermin, including abos. One good news story is that many of these dopey darkies (not abos) are drowning in Australia. They do not know how to swim, but go in to the ocean or a river at night time for example. This is not enough to cull the weak.
    Whites are the ones being culled.

    Some conservative voters such as sporting fishermen have woken up that without mangrove swamps they will have no fish to catch. So there are times where fishermen, hunters and tree hugging Greenies can be on the same side. To me it is hypocritical to demand that nobody is ever allowed to shoot a lion, but that wolves should all be shot so that ranchers can make more money.
    Maybe some low yielding ranches should become national parks. Tourism brings in big bucks.
    Without more trees, the land will blow away, and wash away, and we will not have enough rainfall. Etc, we need all the tiny things that nobody can see, plus bees and bats.
    I have heard in the USA bees must be transported round and about, lest the walnut crop for example will fail as there are no local bees.
    Without bees, humanity is buggered. Wolves, also.

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