Celebrity Chef Anthony Bourdain Offers to ‘rearrange’ David Duke’s Kneecaps


Fox News

Former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke is taking aim at Anthony Bourdain on Twitter– but the outspoken celebrity chef is dishing it right back.

On Thursday night, the former Louisiana state representative retweeted a post originally shared by Counter Currents, a right-wing publishing house, in which they suggested that Bourdan made anti-white remarks during an episode of his “Parts Unknown” series on CNN.

“Exterminating the White race is the only hope, according to (((Anthony Bourdain))),” wrote Duke, who then directed his followers to the original Counter Currents tweet, which contained a clip from the episode.

Counter Currents’ original tweet contained a clip from the June 5, 2016 episode of “Parts Unknown,” which featured Bourdain chatting with German chef René Stessl about their countries’ respective attitudes toward accepting refugees. At one point, Stessl says his nation needs to be careful not to “fall back” into the same structure that gave birth to the Nazi regime.

“But we kind of are,” Bourdain replies. “I don’t mean here, necessarily, but [the U.S. is] well on our way.”

“I’m allowed to be naïve, and talk about Utiopia,” said Stessl. “Just the fact that the whole world will mix up with each other, that in, I don’t know, 70, 80 years, there will be no white people anymore and only cappuccino-colored people. It’s good.”

“That’s the only way,” Bourdain responded. “It’s gonna take some time, but it’s really the only way. This sort of Singaporean model, where everybody’s so mixed up that you really don’t know who to hate, because everybody’s so hopelessly intertwined. But we’re a long way from that.”

In their original tweet, Counter Currents shared their own interpretation of Bourdain’s remarks, writing, “#AnthonyBourdain tells the world that whites must replace Jews before Jews replace whites.”

Bourdain, meanwhile, became aware of Duke’s retweet, and responded directly to Duke by clarifying his stance on genocide and extermination. Then, the 60-year-old chef and jiu-jitsu champion made his opinion of Duke very clear to his 5 million-plus Twitter following:


I already reported one criminal to the FBI last week. Thus, I don’t want to do another one. But if anyone is interested and has the time, Anthony Bourdoin should be investigated for using the Internet to make a race based threat. It’s easy to report a crime to the FBI. I can put up a link if anyone wants to follow through. David Duke should certainly report Bourdain to Twitter and the FBI.

7 thoughts on “Celebrity Chef Anthony Bourdain Offers to ‘rearrange’ David Duke’s Kneecaps

  1. Bourdain is another drug and alcohol fueled TV moron. Another Jew calling for the genocide of Europeans…well nothing new here…hey you nasty twerp we are with you on the multiculturalism for Israel..when can we unload these illegals to your mother land Israhell ..since they have taken NO refugees thus far, and you are so concerned about the US being Nazi ish…on to Israhell open the flood gates! Never liked this nasty turd ..now I know why! Hey stupid prick Diversity destroys diversity…asshole

  2. This guy couldn’t win a fight against a teacup poodle. ‘jiu-jitsu champion,’ my eye.

    It’s like watching two inmates at the bughouse. If these two lunatics truly want white people gone that much, then they should speed things up by offing themselves.

  3. I did not Jewgle whether Bourdain is a kike or not. I believe he is a homo. Anyway, he is a typical jew homo lunatic jumping onto the anti-Trump train. Meh.

  4. Jews are incredibly naive about the reality of coffee coloured and yellow nations, in fact all nations except Israel perhaps. Unless Jews are liars and know they are lying – this is more likely.

    “This sort of Singaporean model, where everybody’s so mixed up that you really don’t know who to hate, because everybody’s so hopelessly intertwined.”.

    Singapore is by no means all mixed up and “intertwined”. It, like many countries, is dominated by ethnic Chinese business people. Hill tribesmen and women (or jungle dwellers) are bottom of the totem pole just as they are everywhere in any advanced country.

    Singapore is successful, and very low corruption, because it is mono-cultural and promotes people of ability. No AA bullshit or gender studies. Singapore is not multicultural. The natives are various Malay tribes who are dominated by the these Chinese immigrants. Another reason Singapore is successful is because the place was the jewel in the crown of the British Empire in the East, The British promoted locals of ability with no AA horseshit. These then took over after Independence. Unlike Africa, they made a go of it, usually under a strong man who did what needed to be done, including cutting the hair of hippie scum. In Singapore if you piss in a lift, it will freeze until the cops come and take you away. Is that the sort of country the NWO (((chef))) wants – law and order, with the death penalty for dealing drugs??? Singapore is like Duerte without the hit squads, but still death for drug dealers and smugglers.

    Even China is racist where the Mandarin speakers, 900 million or so, entirely dominate all others, who are looked down upon.

    • Thanks for pointing out the truth about Singapore. I suspected that the remarks about the place were incorrect since everything I had read said the Chinese dominated there. Also, an interesting point about China itself, which is genociding the Tibetans, Uighur, and probably others.

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