Praying for The Five Most Endangered Species: Today is World Wildlife Day

Also, praying for ALL the world’s wonderful wildlife, whose existence enriches us all.

Here are the 5 most endangered animals.

1. Amur Leopard

2. Black Rhino

3. Bornean Orangutan

4. Cross River Gorilla

5. Eastern Lowland Gorilla

If any of these sad creatures can be saved from extinction, it will be the work of the European peoples who get the job done.

Today is World Wildlife Day – a day dedicated to saving endangered species.

Conservationists from around the world will come together today to discuss how to make a difference but, importantly, to actually make that change happen.

The United Nations says half of the world’s wildlife was lost in the last 40 years, a trend nature lovers are desperate to reverse.

See 13 more endangered species at the source site for this post,

11 thoughts on “Praying for The Five Most Endangered Species: Today is World Wildlife Day


    The most beautiful sub-species–the white race.
    The most intelligent sub-species (discoverers of galaxies, black holes, laws of motion, inventors of automobile, computers, jet engine, diesel engine, etc. etc.)–the white race.

    The most endangered–the white race.

  2. Yes, Whites should be #1, but I think earth would be much better off without humans at all. They are the reason these animals are on the endangered list.

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  4. “ALL CREATION keeps on groaning TOGETHER and being in pain TOGETHER…” (Romans 8:22)

    As Trump has often said, “Bad Management.” Since the fall of Adam (who was given dominion over all the animals prior to that), the world has been BADLY “managed,” which affects humans and animals.

    Never put animals ABOVE humans, however, as that is a lefty pagan construct. Humans were God’s last “crowning glory” of His creative works & the ONLY part of creation made “in HIS image.”

    The lefty pagans prefer to “…worship CreaTION rather than the CreaTOR…” (Romans ch.1).

  5. Please do not forget to mention that the wretched creatures poaching and destroying these species are all non-Caucasian. There are no Caucasians wiping out these species.

  6. I suppose you read about the White Rino that was shot at the Paris, France zoo a few
    days ago. The zoo was broken into during the nite, a five yr. old Rino shot in the head
    three times and his horn removed by chainsaw. Security was asleep but maybe they
    didn’t do the nite shift. First time this has ever happened. So sickening.
    Hoping they find the murderers. Thought to be professional.

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