Katie Hopkins Visit to Sweden Exposes the Muslim’s War on White Swedish Women

welcome to sweden rape

Running across the short Tom DiLorenzo piece below set me off on a search for the video he refers to, which briefly describes the horrific lives lived by Swedish women today because of diversity.

Found it!

It would have been easier if he had said that the interview was with the great Katie Hopkins of the Daily Mail.

Lew Rockwell

Large-sale “migrant” riots in “No Go Zones”; rapes of 14-year-old girls by “migrants”; journalists attacked and beaten in “Migrant-controlled No Go Zones” where even the police are frightened to go into; hand grenades (!) thrown about by “migrants”; ambulance drivers demanding military escorts in the No Go Zones; and the Swedish government punishing and threatening to imprison people who acknowledge these things publicly. All in the last ten days. All of this “makes Sweden stronger,” they say.

UPDATE: I just watched Tucker Carlson interview a female British journalist who recently returned from Sweden. She told him that Swedish women are “afraid to go outside after dark” because of the mobs of violent “migrants” lurking everywhere. She also said that any Swedish women who discuss this reality publicly will be ruined, called a racist, etc., because their words would contradict the left-wing multiculturalist mantra. That mantra is that “diversity is our strength” and that all cultures are equal. They would rather see their country destroyed than admit that their cultural Marxist fantasies are bullshit.


6 thoughts on “Katie Hopkins Visit to Sweden Exposes the Muslim’s War on White Swedish Women

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  2. I read both accounts over at Zero Hedge. Both of the journalists got up close and personal encounters with Swedenistan’s vibrant diversity. Sweden is done for.

  3. At the end Tucker says “They’d rather destroy their own country than be called racist”. I think he is not just talking about Sweden, but his own country where the same problem applies.

  4. You know, I’ve heard a Swede and a Norwegian say that mainland Scandinavia suffers the WORST brainwashing on Earth. They go further by saying that North Korea is actually #3. And who is #1 and #2? Norway and Sweden – respectively. Finally they both agree that, in spite of the fact that Norway’s brainwashing programs are worse, Sweden is suffering more consequences. Norway has in fact been a Soviet regime since WWII so they’ve had 70 years of experience in subverting their target country, but Sweden were so unprepared to deal with the consequences, so they’ve been hit much harder. Their destruction didn’t begin in earnest until the 21st century. Remember: in 2001, Sweden had the lowest crime rate in the world. And in 2017? No. Now, they have the highest rape crisis in history.

    PS: I found the “YouTube version” of you, PJ. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm9MPPbq2ExE1LicIAe0MWw/videos This guy posts between one and two dozen realist videos every day. If only you could put saboteur365 on YT… you would have over 100,000 subscribers after just a year or two, then you could get that verified checkmark besides your name, highlighting you as a “trusted” member of the YouTube community, and your message would red-pill many times more people.

  5. Our educational system stopped teaching students to think for themselves, instead it’s to think like the Communists that run it. But, how did we escape it? Why do we see it and liberals don’t? Yes, our thinking is different, but JFK Democrats weren’t like this. Differences weren’t that great. How could they have allowed themselves to become so victimized by Jews?

    I’d like to see psychoanalytical studies done on these feminists who support their own death and their country. The victim of their Satanic hatred garnering no support from others becomes a leper outcast!

    It brings to mind Alzheimer’s patients losing all sense of reality, reasoning, common sense, memory. It’s as if liberals have a similar buildup of plaque in their brains that destroys all normal thinking and behavior.

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