Illegal Guatemala Teen Charged with Raping 3 Year Old Girl


Wow! Just wow!

Stamford Advocate

STAMFORD — Police say the 19-year-old Cove man charged with sexually assaulting a 3-year-old girl was supposed to attend an immigration hearing only hours before he was arrested Thursday morning.

Douglas Hus-Flores, a Guatemalan native, appears to have been living in Stamford illegally, police said. An immigration detainer has been placed on him as well as a $250,000 court appearance bond, following his arraignment at the Stamford courthouse Thursday afternoon.

Hus-Flores was charged with first-degree sexual assault and risk of injury to a minor after the toddler was transported to Stamford Hospital for injuries and bleeding police say she sustained in the assault.

Lt. Tom Barcello said the girl’s mother called for an ambulance late Wednesday night after the child complained of pain.

Stamford Hospital doctors determined the child’s injuries were likely caused by a sexual assault, Barcello said.

“We got involved because it looked like something more than a medical call,” Barcello said.

The child was transferred to Yale-New Haven Hospital, because Barcello said doctors there have more “expertise” to investigate a sexual assault of a young child.

Barcello said he believes the child has been released from the hospital into her family’s care.

Barcello said the family and Hus-Flores live in the same residence.

According to a police report, Hus-Flores told police he heard the girl crying for her mother Wednesday night. He said he did not realize the girl’s mother was not in the house, so he gave her some yogurt to calm her down, the report said.

Hus-Flores said he and the girl went downstairs where they sat on a couch and he put the girl on his lap to watch cartoons on his phone, the report said.

Hus-Flores told investigators he “felt lonely and wanted to be with a woman” and admitted sexually assaulting the girl, the police report said.

Hus-Flores said he stopped when he realized what was happening, the report said.

According to the report, the girl’s mother returned home from soccer practice at 10:30 p.m. Wednesday. The girl was crying and told her mother Hus-Flores touched her, according to the report.

Barcello confirmed Hus-Flores had an immigration hearing scheduled in Hartford on Thursday.

Liberals who defend these scumbags like to say that Americans rape children too. Does that justify accepting the scum of the earth into Amuristan, the former USA? I don’t think so. BTW, Connecticut is a sanctuary state that welcomes these slimy creatures.

Liberals who defend these snakes should be forced to accept them into their own homes. They might learn to have empathy with the victims rather than the perps.

I can’t speak to Guatemala, but in Mexico it’s legal to have sex with a 12 year old girl. Adult-child sex is part of their cultural values. We don’t need them and their damn leaf blowers.

6 thoughts on “Illegal Guatemala Teen Charged with Raping 3 Year Old Girl

  1. Morons! This stupid parent should be charged too with endangering a child! Stupid mother puts her daughter in this type of danger! I wonder how “good” she feels for helping illegal scum!

  2. once the muzzies have taken over the west (and they will) baby buggering, boy diddling and goat humping will be deemed “normal”

    Aloha snackbar!

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  4. None of this is new. It has been going on in the U.S. for decades. Every once in a great while you might catch a story in the news, but the (((press))) has pretty much suppressed such stories to protect their pet niggers, spics, and illegal alien mystery-meat. I have read such stories for many years, but I was not quite a race realist or more precisely a race supremacist like I am now. Sadly and ashamedly, I had been indoctrinated by my family, school, military, media/entertainment, and my gov’t to believe in the suicidal nonsense of race egalitarianism, all men are created equal, ad nauseum. This one story is only one of tens of millions that have occurred in the U.S. in the last 55 years since we started letting these untermensch into the U.S. I never mentioned it before, but I worked as a court clerk at the San Antonio Magistrate Court many years ago. I helped process the police reports and criminals through the court. In San Antonio of course, the majority were some type of Hispanic. Only God knows how many were illegals. So my observations and opinions on this are not idle. Christ, how infuriating to note that this was just one city out of the entire country. Now, all of these years later, these sub-human mutants have infested our entire nation. We will of course always play by the Marquis of Queensbury Rules and handle these wretches with kid gloves when what is needed is a blood-storm.

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