Hoax Alert! Another Fake Hate Crime Blamed on Trump is Exposed as Committed by Non-Caucasian “Special Needs” Student



When a school bathroom was defaced by graffiti that included the word “nigger,” celebrity Tweeters (((Sarah Silverman))) and white man turned black Sean King blamed it on white supporters of Donald Trump.

Let’s see what the truth is.

The College Fix

A “non-Caucasian” Minnesota high school student has been disciplined after it was determined he was responsible for racist and antisemitic graffiti found in a school bathroom.

The scribblings included a picture of a lynching, the phrase “Hail the Ku Klux Klan,” the “N” word, and a swastika.

According to Lakeville Patch, Lakeville South High School noted that the student “has significant special education needs.”

“While this does not excuse the student’s actions,” the district said, “it will help the community and others put this incident into perspective.”

A parent whose son encountered the graffiti posted images on Facebook:

The district’s statement on the matter (via KSTP):

On February 27, a LSHS staff member reported someone had written offensive words and images on bathroom stalls. A student subsequently was identified and will be subject to disciplinary action under school and district policy. Lakeville South High School administration received permission from the parent to share that the student is non-Caucasian and has significant special education needs. While this does not excuse the student’s actions, the District believes it will help the community and others put this incident into perspective.

This incident was very unfortunate and certainly does not reflect the values of our community and LSHS. The District does, however, view this as a teachable moment for our students and staff. To foster that, LSHS has created a plan to facilitate conversations regarding diversity with our students and staff.

Cultural liaisons, deans and student support staff members will be available Wednesday to talk with students who wish to discuss these issues in small groups. Lakeville South High School is committed to ensuring that all students feel welcome and safe in the school.

Uh oh — keep an eye out on that “teachable moment” comment, for, in academic settings especially, it often does not mean criticizing the wrongdoing of the perpetrator … it means examining the “underlying” and “societal” causes on which to really blame the incident.

Infowars is willing to add the full political context to this story that The College Fix avoided. It involves fake black man Shaun King and the vile Sarah Silverman.

Racist graffiti featuring a swastika alongside the words “hail the KKK” that was blamed on Trump and his supporters by Sarah Silverman and ‘Black Lives Matter’ leader Shaun King turned out to be the work of a non-white special needs student.

King, who works for the New York Daily News as their “senior justice writer,” tweeted out the images on Monday, commenting, “Lakeville South High School in Lakeville, Minnesota. I see these every day all day now.”

Just hours later, comedian Sarah Silverman amplified the issue to her 10 million followers, tweeting, “Make no mistake this is what they mean by make America great again,” highlighting the images shared by King’s tweet in her post.

The obvious implication was that the environment Trump has created and his supporters were responsible for the vulgar graffiti.
However, the very next day it emerged that the culprit behind the graffiti was not a racist white Trump supporter, but a non-white special needs student.

This is just the latest of a number of hate crimes that the left has blamed on Trump supporters but which have turned out to be completely fake. In some cases, such incidents were staged by leftists in an attempt to frame Trump supporters.

Meanwhile, Trump supporters continue to be the victims of actual hate crimes which the media has barely reported on.


18 thoughts on “Hoax Alert! Another Fake Hate Crime Blamed on Trump is Exposed as Committed by Non-Caucasian “Special Needs” Student

  1. Once more, the dreaded Klan are dragged out as the eternal boogeyman for the left. Klansmen are everywhere! So, while they are looking for guys in white sheets it gives us a clear shot at spreading the message of White Nationalism in our Dockers or sports jackets. Hide in plain sight, these idiots are looking for opposition in the 1920s.

  2. Of course, these are all hoaxes. These scrawled messages are too simple and not at all clever. Either a retard or a room-temperature I.Q. colored minority perpetrates these silly hoaxes. And, as expected, the libtard PC school officials make every excuse in the book to cover for the nigger who did this. If, by some remote chance, an evil YT did this, the school, the (((press))) and every other deluded libtard would demand the evil YT’s blood. I do like it when jew libtards like Sarah Silverfish and that fake negro, Shaun King, jump on the Holocaust/Underground Railroad Train and cry racism.

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  4. What is non white exactly? Was it a Coon or a spic? Spics are called whites, so not a spic. Must have been a Coon. Could it have been a yellow or a Muzzie? Some Muzzies admire Hitler. Jews are obsessed with the guy (Hitler).
    ” non-Caucasian and has significant special education needs.”
    is there a Coon anywhere who does not have significant special needs, known as “gibsmedat”? All non whites want the gravy train, AA or handouts, cheap housing, paid for kiddies and health care, and legal handouts, and sue shops and employers, and get welfare ad infinitum, plus a “get out of jail free” card. . And make fake insurance claims like Jews and Lebs do.

  5. Is there anyone you’d rather see die a slow painful AIDS death than that lanky tranny beanpole (((SilverMan)))?

  6. Paladin, Here is yet another one, false as hell and a BIG ONE!

    I really have to think that this negro has likely had to have had jewish help on doing this and in covering it up, either from individuals or organizations like ADL or someone with a vested interest. I suspect he may have panicked when he learned that the FBI was investigating. Whether that jewish involvement would ever be disclosed if true is what I really would doubt.

    There are also similar hoaxes elsewhere.

    “#BlackLivesMatter supporter arrested for “Trump Inspired” bomb threats against Jewish centers”

    ” For almost two months, there have been death threats against Jewish centers in America. About 100 Synagogues, offices, and private schools have been targeted.

    Juan Thompson, 31, was arrested today in St. Louis by the FBI and charged with making at least eight bomb threats against Jewish Centers. He is also being charged with cyber stalking his ex-girlfriend. One of the eight bomb threats named was against an office of the Anti-Defamation League [ADL]. This is an organization that was leading the charge to blame the threats on Trump supporters. Other threats named in the complaint targeted Jewish centers, Jewish schools, and a Jewish Museum. The locations range from San Diego, California to New York City, New York. The threats occurred between January 28th and February 22nd.

    When Thompson realized he was under investigation, he posted online messages blaming a “disgusting nasty racist white girl I dated.“

    Thompson is a former reporter for the The Intercept that was fired for making up fake racially charged stories.” [Continues]


    • Another report at a different site, Daily Caller reinforces my belief that jews were most likely connected. It tells that the negroid who claims to have done this is a communist and we do know that the jews have always been the primary, almost the sole, promoters of communism, excepting those gullible disaffected souls who have been drawn into that by the jewish propaganda techniques.

      “Anti-Trump Communist Arrested For Jewish Community Center Bomb Threats

      “Thompson’s Twitter account, which is referenced in the criminal complaint, espouses communist and anti-Trump beliefs. Several tweets from the Twitter account are mentioned in the criminal complaint.”

      Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2017/03/03/anti-trump-communist-arrested-for-jewish-community-center-bomb-threats/

    • Even when basically caught like rat eyes shining in headlights the jews continue to attack White people. They also continue to cry and claim that they are under attack and still being attacked, when all the time it is the jews who are the ones doing the attacking, whether by themselves or in conjunction with other minorities who respond according to the jewish controls over them or their organizations.

      They basically are not reporting news, but are distributing talking points to jews and jewish networks, including MSM, which operate across the country and overseas.

      “Earlier in the day, sources told the media that Thompson was a “copycat” and that the investigation continued into finding the hoaxers behind the dozens of other bomb threats reported since January.

      The news conference was convened after law enforcement announced Friday that Thompson had been charged in connection with the deluge of bomb threats received this year by Jewish institutions. Thompson, 31, of St. Louis, allegedly made bomb threats to JCCs, Jewish schools and an ADL office as part of his cyberstalking of a former romantic partner.

      The ADL and several other Jewish groups had met Friday with FBI Director James Comey. According to a statement from the groups in attendance, which were not listed but included the ADL, the Jewish Federations of North America and the JCC Association of North America, the meeting concerned recent anti-Semitic acts and collaboration between Jewish institutions and law enforcement.

      “All the organizations in attendance expressed the deep gratitude of the entire community for the extraordinary effort that the FBI is applying to the ongoing investigation,” the statement said. “The representatives of the Jewish community left with the highest confidence that the FBI is taking every possible measure to resolve the matter as quickly as possible.”

      According to statistics compiled by the New York Police Department, anti-Semitic acts have nearly doubled in early 2017 as compared to one year earlier. The ADL said that due to the reach of the internet and the quantity of recent bomb threats, white supremacists are more emboldened than ever.”


      • I do have to wonder what ADL is talking about in this Twitter on Dylan Roof.

      • “recent anti-Semitic acts and collaboration between Jewish institutions and law enforcement.”
        The law should use stoolies and whistle blowers and criminal associates of the guilty Jews, but never collaborate with the most guilty. This will cover up the crime.

        Thompson will probably sing like a bird for a reduced jail term. If not, some waterboarding ought to do the trick. Can a black man get 20 years for “hate” directed against Jews?
        False flags and fake hate attacks should get a double penalty. 40 years for any Jew defacing Jew museums of kicking over Jew headstones. It is pleasing the FBI has awoken after 8 years of slumber and is now doing their job.

  7. Here the jewish Forward discusses bringing “everyone together” in solidarity with jews after an alleged vandalism of a cemetery in St. Louis back in February. They push their “multi-faith” garbage which jewry is very intent upon doing.

    “How Cemetery Vandalism Brought St. Louis Jews and Muslims Together Like Never Before”

    “Alan Bilinsky had just arrived back in his hometown of St. Louis on Monday when the cemetery where most of his family is buried was desecrated. He was devastated when he heard that some 170 headstones had been toppled and damaged. But there has been a silver lining to the carnage: it has led Muslims and Christians to stand up for St. Louis’ Jews.”

  8. St. Louis Jewish institutions receive security grants
    Jul 3, 2016

    “Six Jewish institutions in the St. Louis area are receiving a total of $370,000 from the Department of Homeland Security to help protect them against possible threats.

    The money is the latest allocation of federal preparedness grants intended to help prevent and protect the country from terrorist attacks and other emergencies.

    According to a press release from U.S. Rep. Lacy Clay, D-Mo., the Jewish Federation of St. Louis, two Jewish schools and a senior center also received grants from DHS.”

    Another article linked there at the bottom of the page has this information:

    “The area’s Jewish population is up 14 percent since 1995 to an estimated 61,000 people. Households with at least one adult Jew have increased 34 percent for a count of 32,900, according to an in depth survey commissioned by the Jewish Federation of St. Louis.”


    • ““The area’s Jewish population is up 14 percent since 1995”.
      Is this gentrification of a Coon city, or is it bringing it down to an even lower level, like say Johannesburg?

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