Video: Black Woman Destroys SUV as its Repossessed

Although this video is a year old, I’ve never seen it before. Maybe you haven’t either.

What’s unusual is the presence of what appears to be a police officer on the scene who allows the sassy, independent, loud, and obnoxious Negress to destroy the SUV. BTW, the wheels on this baby must have set her back several welfare checks.

Enjoy five minutes of Negrovating fun, fun, fun. Watch the white cop avoid tangling with muh Negress. Wild!

6 thoughts on “Video: Black Woman Destroys SUV as its Repossessed

  1. So, the police stood there and watched while she ripped apart the bank’s CADILLAC, looks like an Escalade, probably, 2016, costing about $70,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Where did she think she could go revving the engine with the backend held up by the tow truck, rear wheels not touching the ground?

    Nothing like a broken promise by Obama to buy her a new Cadillac!

  2. i have always marveled at blacks with White invented sophisticated machinery like smartphones and Cadillacs. This one is so stupid that she probably doesn’t even know how to put air in the tires.

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