20 MILLION Dumb, Feral Africans Surging Toward Europe: Report

libya-migrants italy boats africans

If Europe cannot stop a group of unarmed invaders with third world intelligence levels and no weapons, how is Europe going to stop that invasion by Russia that the liberals tell us to fear?

Stop their boats mid ocean. Turn them around. Send them back.

Daily Mail

As many as twenty million African migrants could come to Europe in the near future, according to the new president of the European parliament.

Antonio Tajani said Europe needs to do more to help asylum seekers in order to quell migration.

He proposed the EU should open asylum centres in Libya in a bid to protect vulnerable refugees.

At the moment, detention centers in the country violate human rights, according to the EU.

Mr Tajani told Die Welt there are more than 30 centres that are run illegally by smugglers or by groups for the government.

The president said that EU reception centres would provide asylum seekers with access to healthcare and would not be ‘concentration camps’.

In 2017, there has been up to a 40 per cent increase in the number of migrants arriving in Italy.

Many of these people come from Africa.

So far, 12,000 people have travelled across the Mediterranean this year.

The news comes as the head of the EU border agency warned that organisations who rescue migrants from the Mediterranean are fuelling people smugglers.

The smugglers profit by illegally spiriting asylum seekers into Europe, often in dangerous conditions.

Fabrice Leggeri also told Die Welt that rescue missions by non-government organisations makes it more difficult to monitor migrants as they pass into Europe.

He also told the German newspaper, the lack of cooperation with organisations and security services makes it harder ‘to gain information on trafficking networks through interviews with migrants and to open police investigations’.

Mr Leggeri’s comments were rebuffed by Luise Amtsberg, a member of the German parliament.

The refugee expert said: ‘The number of dead would be much higher without the tireless commitment of non-governmental organisations.’


10 thoughts on “20 MILLION Dumb, Feral Africans Surging Toward Europe: Report

  1. That New Face of Europe pic spiked my blood pressure. I have notice din the past 1-2 years that picture cold very well be my Boston suburb home town; considering a few years back there were hardly any darkies to be found in town; now a cross town ride on the bus feels and sounds more like Mogadishu or other turd world hellhole

    Our beloved Marxist governor Charlie baker has declared Mass an asylum state as a spit in Tr1umps face

    >>Stop their boats mid ocean. Turn them around. Send them back.

    Or better still open fire and sink a few of their boats

  2. It boggles the mind to see this suicidal insanity. It is happening too in the U.S., but no one will do anything about it. If anyone here is faint of heart or too delicate to understand survival, then do not read any further. There will come a day when we will have to make the choice to either forcibly deport colored people or exterminate them or a combination of both. Please read history and inform yourselves. The Romans tried to make peace with the European barbarians (who were Caucasian by the way) and ultimately, the barbarians snuffed out Rome/Roman civilization. Fortunately, because the Euro barbarians were Caucasian, they morphed into the civilized evil YT’s we are today. That process was inevitable. With the colored hordes, there will be no morphing process. They will destroy thousands of years of Caucasian history going back to the Mycenaean and Minoan civilizations. The world will become a living hell.

    • I think most politicians have never read a history book. It is interesting that people that were strong, united and tough 2000 years ago, like the Germans and the Persians, are still strong today.
      The Roman beat the Frogs but they could not beat the Germans. Also they could not beat the Persians and both empires wisely avoided fighting each other. Which would have wrecked both empires.
      But the (((Neoconartists))) think that the Persians are easy beats.

      Napoleon and Hitler both got whupped by the Russians. So the Neoconartists think they can do better than those two invaders.
      Maybe the Neocons do not even want to win, but want to lose, as was always the war aim in Vietnam and the loss of China to Communism also.
      Neocons are Neocommies.

  3. “As many as one billion African migrants could come to Europe in the near future,”

    The UN cheerfully estimates 4 billion black Africans alive in 2100, or is it 4.7 billion. No more than one billion could live in Africa, so 3 billion must live in the FWC – Formerly White Countries. This will mean about 8 niggers for every tax paying white man and woman. The white countries will collapse and so will the population of Afriturds.

    Parasites kill their host. Blacks will kill all white countries, even if they mean well. The good news is that 2 million white South Africans are a match for 40 million black South Africans, inclduing all the blow ins from other Apefreakin countries. So odds of 20 to 1 in favor of the black man will not help them win any serious ethnic cleansing war, the darkies will lose. However many modern young whites are suicidal and would rather be cleansed, than do any cleansing. So it is a toss up. Will enough older white males still be alive to protect the young brainwashed fools?

  4. “The news comes as the head of the EU border agency warned that organisations who rescue migrants from the Mediterranean are fuelling people smugglers.”

    One of the biggest offenders has been the Italian government. They have repeatedly sent their coast guard 250 miles across the Mediterranean to pick up “migrants” 50 miles off the coast of Libya. I think it proves beyond any reasonable doubt that the Italian government is the enemy of the Italian people, and the European people as well.

  5. Author Jean Raspail foretold this 40 plus years ago in his novel The Camp of the Saints. I suggest people take some time and read this. God have mercy on the white race.

    • Great book. Prophetic. I read it in 1989, and became aware of many things as a result. With regard to the 20 million (probably male) Africans ready to migrate—ain’t going to happen. Europe has the capacity for maybe another 3 million tops. Eastern Europe has said enough. Scandinavia would love to take them but cannot. And once Germany and France burst at the seams, civil war (thank God) will surely break out. I would love to see 4 million come in over the next 2 years—a White reawakening would happen, and the blood would flow. The sooner the better for our chances of winning a continent back…

      • They will be overwhelmed because they will never find the guts to treat it as the invasion that it is.

      • No matter how deep programming goes, the deep seated instinct to survive comes out more powerfully when you least expect it. And if it ever did, the Jews and Muslims might not escape the continent with a single man. That is how confident I am if the levee were to break…

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