Pedogate and The Plot to Delegitimize Trump Explained in 3 Easy Steps

The three easy steps that can be repeated over and over:

When your job has you meeting hundreds or thousands of people a week, who can remember all of them?

Senator Clair McCaskill (Democrat) couldn’t remember either. Isn’t it funny how everyone is denying that they’ve ever met the Russian ambassador. He must be a very forgettable guy.

Why destroy your former colleague Jeff Sessions? He’s honest and he knows what’s up? Pedophiles and payoff money:

Finally, here’s a photo of that very forgettable Russian ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak has been in that job since 2008.

Haha. If I met this guy I’d not forget!

You want perspective? Ann Coulter’s got it. Everyone meets with the Russian ambassador. Jeff was asked if he met the Russians to talk about the Trump campaign. He said “No.”

9 thoughts on “Pedogate and The Plot to Delegitimize Trump Explained in 3 Easy Steps

    • Thanks. My job is to track down good analysis and then do my best to publicize it. They want Sessions to be destroyed because it would make it easier to destroy Trump over the coming weeks and months. So, more BS news is going to be pushed out by WaPo and the NYTimes, with more fake outrage from the left. It’s very predictable now.

  1. I will second Mowtrman’s comment, Paladin, Great work.

    Pedos, Satanism and Leftism of the extreme types are tied together into powerful and tightly run networks. They will mount massive attacks against anyone who tries to expose them when a person has the power to do that. It doesn’t have to be power at the national levels which frightens them and make them take an attack position against them. It can be anyone who can lead a lot of people into awareness about them. Here is one example in which it is alleged that some of those networks are making such a threat against a blog site’s owner. I don’t really know this site that much or the man, but we can be sure that those networks are much more concerned about Sessions and Trump taking action against them than they are with this man.

    #PIZZAGATE ALERT! My Video Report Results in $5 Million Lawsuit Threat

    • In the video the guy referred to the friendly warnings from his allies. I suspect many friendly warnings “not to post stuff, they will hurt you” are not from friends at all.

  2. While the article below has nothing to do with national politics or such, nor with Pizzagate and the politicians and other powers behind it, the motivations are similar and so are the tactics. Much of the media seems to be involved in supporting and in hiding it, and there is nothing that is new about that.

    “In October 1999 the Associated Press reported that “Something so unspeakable is said to have taken place in Apartment 1207 that half the neighbors have moved out.” What happened in Apartment 1207 that was so horrific? According to police, two homosexual men gagged 13 year-old Jesse Dirkhising, strapped him face down on a mattress and, while one watched, the other brutally murdered the boy by repeatedly raping him until he died. So why did the Associated Press wait several weeks before running the story, fail to mention that the two men were homosexuals, and then release the story only in local areas? Why didn’t the major news networks make that their lead story and follow it through to see whether the two men are convicted?

    The media yawned and looked the other way when Jesse was murdered. Compare that with the murder of homosexual Matthew Shepard that received front-page coverage for months and well over a thousand articles nationwide. Is the rape and brutal murder of a thirteen year old boy by homosexuals any less tragic? Apparently the major print and TV news organizations think so.”

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