Horribly Mutilated Detroit Dog Finds New Forever Home with White Couple


Regular readers will know that this story incites my righteous anger, and yes, righteous hatred, toward the individual who cut off Baron the dog’s nose, ears, and tail.

Again, if you’re a regular reader, you know that the individual who did this, who has not yet been identified, will be found to be an African-American. This group of so-called people have proven over and over that they are feral savages.

But let us release our righteous hatred for a moment and rejoice that Baron has found a forever home with a nice white couple. It appears that he has had some sort of plastic reconstructive nose surgery that may allow him to breathe better.

Hail Baron, the new King of his loving home.

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DETROIT – A dog that was found abandoned in the streets of Detroit with its nose, ears and tail cut off has found a new home.

The Michigan Humane Society made the announcement on Wednesday:

The Michigan Humane Society is happy to share the exciting news that Baron, the injured rottweiler, has found his forever home! We would like to thank everyone involved in his recovery for their time and dedication. To everyone that called, emailed, donated or shared his story, you have our gratitude. It’s because of your support that rescues like Baron’s are possible. Please join us in wishing Baron and his new family all the best.

Baron was found by the Michigan Humane Society on Jan. 17 after a concerned resident saw him in the area suffering with severe injuries.

The rottweiler was taken back to the Michigan Humane Society’s Mackey Center for Animal Care, in Detroit.

“It appears that someone purposely maimed this poor dog, which has caused it a great deal of suffering,” Mark Ramos, one of MHS’ lead cruelty investigators, said. “This kind of cruelty is unacceptable. We need to be a voice for these animals, and as a community, we need to speak through our strong actions to make sure this doesn’t happen again. If you know anything about this case, call the MHS hotline now at 313-872-3401 and help us find the person responsible. This animal deserves justice.”

5 thoughts on “Horribly Mutilated Detroit Dog Finds New Forever Home with White Couple

  1. The dog is a pit bull or pit bull mix. Of course it was niggers who mutilated it. Anyone else want to refute my view that all niggers need to be deported and ideally exterminated?

    • When I see that dog any impulse toward kindness toward darkies evaporates immediately. They called it a Rottweiler in the story, but I believe, like you, the reporter has it wrong. It’s a pittie or pittie mix.

      • Love dogs as well.

        There was an article about 5 years ago in the Rolling Stone about the stray dogs of Detroit. Insane article. It inspired me and a buddy to go to the abandoned parts and photograph them—big time camera guy here. One police officer I spoke to said that in one section of the area with gutted homes for miles, there was a “tribe” of dogs that numbered about 400! It was lead by a giant bull mastiff that local police dubbed “The Red Dog of Detroit” because his mane was dyed red from the blood of dozens of animals he had savaged. It would crack necks all over the place to assert its power. One afternoon, the officer saw it dragging the intestinal tract of another dog with about 200 others chasing after him down the street, and that was the last straw. They eventually called a SWAT team in and it took them 3 days and two actual assaults on various properties to take him out. This was Mad Max type of material. Detroit is so bad, that Chinese companies are buying it by the block for pennies on the dollar. Don’t really know what this means in the long run…


  2. Anyone who did this should be hung – or made to fight the dog again – fairly – one on one, with their hands tied behind their back. I’ll bet it had to have been a either gang or someone who had a chance to drug him who did it.

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