Have A Laugh GIF: Free at Last

4 thoughts on “Have A Laugh GIF: Free at Last

  1. Deer can be dumb

    One night I saw some deer in the road and stopped my truck as they crossed, then some other deer ran out of the woods and into my truck….

    Yet when it’s hunting season the fuckers are all manners of crafty

    • A young one ran into the side of my van while in the acreage gated subdivision I lived in. He or she was unhurt, but I had a dent in the side of the van. Once, on I-10, driving about 70, one ran in front of my car. I swerved, saving its life and mine too. However, there was some deer fur on the front turn signal light area. Just a small amount. He was grazed!!! The outlying areas of San Antonio are loaded with deer. I used to feed them pizza and bread every day. I had a whole extended family of them, born in my back yard, that would come up to me and snatch the food out of my hand.

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