Germans Call Death of Italian Woman Killed in Berlin Christmas Terror Truck Attack A CAR ACCIDENT

Obama loved to call terrorist attacks in the States workplace violence.

The Germans have gone far beyond that. The Berlin Christmas terror truck attack is being treated like an ordinary car accident.

THE parents of a woman killed in the Berlin Christmas market attack have told of their sorrow that the incident has been branded an “accident” barring them from claiming compensation.

aetano and Giovanna Di Lorenzo’s daughter, Fabrizia Di Lorenzo, 31, was an Italian transport specialist working in Berlin and was among the people killed in the deadly terror attack that also left 50 injured.

But her family said that they were shocked to find out that a German law would prevent them from claiming compensation for her death.

The law, from 1985, excludes compensation for damages caused to victims of violent crimes committed “with a motor vehicle or a trailer.”

Her mum, Giovanna Di Lorenzo blasted: “How can they say it was an ordinary car accident? We feel cheated by those who do not want to acknowledge they were wrong and do not want to prevent that from happening again in the future”.

Ms Di Lorenzo died along with 11 other people when ISIS fanatic Anis Amri, launched a hideous attack on the Christmas market on Breitscheidplatz Square on December 19 driving an articulated lorry through stalls packed with visitors.


Her daughter was initially declared missing by her family but later declared dead after her body, mobile phone and travel pass were found at the scene of the attack.

They said: “They were always available, they helped us with Fabrizia’s friends all the time, specially because we do not speak German. We felt the State was with us.”

But they slammed German officials cold behaviour towards them during their time of grief.

Mrs Di Lorenzo said: “If we exclude the cop who took my DNA without saying a word. They never contacted us, they didn’t provide us an interpreter and they left us alone. We had to ask constantly and insist. They did the same with the other families, even German ones.”

he added that the first contact with German authorities after the massacre was on February 17, when Joachim Gauck met them in Berlin.

The President of the German Republic was forced to apologize to the families of the victims who reported an “inefficient and incapable Germany, despite its international image”.

Ms Di Lorenzo was buried by her family and friends at a moving ceremony on December 26 at Sulmona Cathedral, in Sulmona, Abruzzo, Italy.

The answer to this particular issue appears to be to make a change in German law that would make clear that the victims of Anis Amri’s truck attack were victims of terrorism.

The longer term solution to Germany’s problems is the removal of all Muslims from the country–a total Muslim ban. Since the country lacks the political will to do that, then surely there would be public support for removing all “rufugees” with criminal records, as President Trump is doing in the U.S.

11 thoughts on “Germans Call Death of Italian Woman Killed in Berlin Christmas Terror Truck Attack A CAR ACCIDENT

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  2. Except it was not an accident or a violent crime. It was a terrorist attack which puts it in a different category.

  3. ” “with a motor vehicle or a trailer.”
    Are Germans really so stupid? I always thought that Germans were superior to say Australians, except that Aussies almost invariably kick German arse when they meet on the field of battle. In all of land, air and sea. This is because every Aussie in Europe and Africa in WWI and WWII was an idiot who volunteered to fight, whereas most of the Germans were forced to fight by their own Government. Germans could not capture Tobruk until the Aussies were replaced by Poles. Volunteers are highly motivated and a lot of them get killed as cannon fodder. Conscripts want to stay alive.

    The day Ludendorff referred to as the “Black day for the German Army” in August 1918 was when the Aussies stopped the advancing German Army after the British Fifth Army had run away in retreat towards Amiens. The German storm troopers looked set to win the war until that day.

    Back to the present. For many years now NSW Australia has had a Green Slip scheme where all third party victims of of motor vehicle caused injury are compensated. This includes unregistered vehicles, unlicensed drivers, drunk or drugged drivers, unlicensed drivers etc. In the past often people missed out due to insurance companies saying “We can’t pay the driver was drunk, you have to sue the driver”. The deadbeat driver of course always had no money.
    There was a recent terror attack in Melbourne, Victoria, by some dark haired wog or Muzzie wannabe, I wonder if the victims will get compensation, one killed was a baby in a pram? I would say probably yes. Germany is evil. If the victims were Muzzie trash, the Merkel Govt would give them money.

    A lot of things void insurance, such as war, riot, commotion. Maybe a Muslim driving a truck is war? Insurance is a racket. I wonder if all 911 victims got properly compensated? E.g those whose cars were destroyed or buildings damaged, other than Lazarus Shekelstein who had terrorism insurance – most people do not have this. Lucky Lazarus was a man with unusual foresight. He knew the future before it happened. Amazing.

    i think the Italian womans family should sue the German Govt and the truck owner for reckless negligence, allowing that murderous Muslim scumbag to be in Germany and managing to steal the truck. She could probably do this in a court in Italy. Merkel should be on trial in the Hague for Crimes Against Humanity.

    Maybe every victims family should get a truck and carry out the same attack on German Govt offices, politicians or court officials. This is not advice, but what choice do people have when a great wrong is done to them and they can get no justice?

  4. Same scenario repeated. All we can do is fight for those still alive.

    PJ, I saw you guys debating Italian beauty the other day and I think here is a good place to test the issue. My opinion is that Italians are indeed mixed and darker than other European races. But there is hope for every country (except possibly Albania) because they all have exceptions – those of the best blood still look more Nordic (like ancient Europeans) than Italian (like modern Europeans).

    Here’s a great playlist from this channel, Ephigenia Stamate. It shows 4 minutes of beautiful women. 30 of these such videos are of European women, and 3 more of non-European women (Turkey, Iran, Japan). This link will take you to video #12 on that playlist – Beautiful Italian Women.

    Although they’re all genetically high quality, beauty should be equally balanced with racial purity. The Italian and Greek videos showcase the fewest blonde (Aryan) girls, and some even look non-European. For instance, only at 2:18 into the Italian video will you see impressively European-looking women. I believe this video captures the reality of Italian women well.

    My absolute favorite, having watched most of them, is actually Lithuania, the country least invaded / spoiled in Europe, even in the 21st century… which is too bad, because I wanted Ireland to win on this playlist.

    This video is objective enough to support separate conclusions: You and the others will see beautiful women from Italy… while VB, myself, Mat, etc, will merely see beautiful women of mixed origins.

    • Southern Italy has a lot of Middle Eastern blood. Even Tacitus in about 100 AD stated: “The blood of Rome has the Tigris and Euphrates flowing in it.” That pretty much sums up how the Imperium was drawing massive migration out of the East into its core areas as it feared the Gothic Germans to the north, and did not trust breeding with their population. Bad judgement in the end, as this could have saved Europe by having an established bulwark against Islam 500 years later…

      • No wonder the Romans chose the swarthy Middle Easterners. Ancient Romans were wogs. Short with dark hair and dark eyes.
        I also think Greece and Italy were mostly buggered up by their slave populations, always 6 times more numerous than the locals.
        The slaves were dark wogs, or dagoes, by and large.
        The Ancient Greeks were tall and fair and from the North. Modern Greeks are wogs, descendants of the slaves and Helots of the olden days with quite a bit of Turkish blood also.

      • Read Herodotus’ “Histories” and you may get a different picture on the Greeks. He spends time early on in the work discussing the various physical characteristics of peoples from differing areas. You will get a lot of blondes and light brown hair, even green and grey eye colours. Really is amazing. The Greeks became eggplants when the Ottoman Turks raped their women continuously from 1300 to 1800 AD. That is why they now look so Arab-like…

      • In 2005 as part of my study of pornography, I studied maps of all the various invasions of Europe. It’s a wonder there are any white people left.

        In particular, I was interested in why so many Eastern European porn models looked so exotic that some of the porn sites were calling them Latinas. I concluded that their dark hair, brown eyes, and dark skin came from the invasions of Ghengis Khan and others. I can’t remember all the details now, but the maps showed how far various invasions penetrated into Europe. With many of the white males killed and the women raped, there are a lot of dark whites in that part of Europe. Some of the Greek porn models I mistook for Arabs and was left quite confused for a considerable period of time.

      • Well I read a few years ago that 30% of all European males who made it to adulthood (18 years) between 1750 and 1950 died in war or by democide (governmental murder—see communism). 80% of those who died in war, as colonial grunts, or in the crossfire, were conscripted/drafted. We know who the forces are at work here. They have been hard at work killing us off for centuries now…

  5. Last year a woman in Sweden was gang raped by 6 Somalians in her wheel chair. The court gave community service to the young men as the prosecution could not prove that the woman screamed “no” loud enough. You can’t make this up if you tried…

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