Crazy! Brazilian Negro Shot in Face Wanders Around Hospital as if Possessed by the Devil

This is the reality of living in a mixed race country.

Seen enough, white man? Then let’s start the process of the ethnic cleansing of the West. That involves an educational effort, exposing the truth about mixed race countries like Brazil. It also involves deportations.

Or do you want your descendants to be third world savages like this one?

A man being treated in hospital after being shot in the face has been filmed strutting around as though he is ‘possessed by the devil’.

The unnamed man was filmed by staff at Miguel Couto Hospital in Rio, Brazil, showing the gaping wound to his face.

Many doctors and patients were left too scared to approach him and it is not known if he was on drugs at the time.

The video was uploaded to Liveleak with the title: ‘The Joys of Working at Miguel Couto Hospital in Rio.

It is not known if the injury was caused by someone else or if it was self-inflicted.

4 thoughts on “Crazy! Brazilian Negro Shot in Face Wanders Around Hospital as if Possessed by the Devil

  1. I saw this video clip at another one of the evil YT blogs I frequent. I commented there that this demonic creature is what the race-traitor leftist/libtard/progressives want for us normal, civilized evil YT’s here in America. They, of course, will be secreted and secure behind their gated communities and private security. In Brazil’s large cities right now and for the past 30-40 years or so, the Brazilian wealthy elite, who are of pure European blood/descent e.g. (Portuguese, German, Italian- picture Gisele Bundchen, Alessandra Ambrosio, you know, the Victoria’s Secret models) must travel in the large cities via helicopter (Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro have more helipads than any cities on earth) because of the incredible crime rate there. If they are forced to travel via ground then they travel in armored vehicles in convoys. These places are hell on earth. And, of course, the elite Brazilian Europeans run the government, banks, and vital processes of the country. They are a tiny minority who rule over a huge mish mash of miscegenated mystery-meat (Orcs and goblins). This situation is the same all through South America and Mexico (whose elite caste are of Spanish descent). No one will state the obvious– our civilized Western world will not survive if we allow the Orcs and goblins to exist among us.

  2. Yep you are right like we don’t have enough people including whites all pumped up in drugs acting like damned demon possessed hell spawns in this country. Fucked up people come in any color,size,race,mixture,gender,religion…man actually using your kind of logic white people are the biggest fucked up people ever. How about who are the biggest genocides,serial killers,pedophiles i can go on bro but then im mixed. So i have some of that white seed on me than i didn’t ask for. Man zionists jews are having a field day with y’all kkk,blm,new black panthers,neo nazis…man i bet Soros is rubbing both nasty paws and cackling while watching y’all dummies playing what they do best divide an conquer while they reap the spoils. White trash,red necks,hispanics,asians, browns,mixed we are all on the same deplorables basket one percent of anglo-zionist elite keep us as their slaves while we are each other troaths.

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