Claim: David Seaman, Alex Jones, Mark Dice, Paul Joseph Watson, Lisa Haven Frauds (Video)

I paid fairly close attention to the first 47 minutes of this video before having to move on. It’s 5 hours total. The video was still focused on David Seaman at the 47 minute point. I assume that it moves on to make the case against others named in the title here.

It makes the case that Seaman is using #pizzagate in order to win people’s trust so as to “sell” them on Zionism. Plus, I think the case is made that he’s trying to profit off #pizzagate.

Streamed live on Feb 25, 2017

David Seaman’s Pizzagate obsession examined… and his links to Israel.

In this video it’s claimed that David Seaman promotes the Mandela Effect. The Mandela effect seems to me to be a theory that would get researchers into the Deep State’s mischief branded as part of the lunatic fringe. I disavow the Mandela effect. This marks the first time I’ve even spoken about it. If you disagree with me, you’re still welcome to comment positively about it, but there’s no way that I’m going to be convinced the Mandela effect is anything but a conspiracy to discredit the truth community.

Mandela Effect

The “Mandela Effect” is what happens when someone has a clear memory of something that never happened in this reality.

Many of us — mostly total strangers — remember several of the exact same events with the exact same details. However, our memories are different from what’s in history books, newspaper archives, and so on.

This isn’t a conspiracy, and we’re not talking about “false memories.”

Many of us speculate that parallel realities exist, and we’ve been “sliding” between them without realizing it.

Others favor the idea that we’re each enjoying holodeck experiences, possibly with some programming glitches. (In my opinion, these two theories aren’t mutually exclusive.)

17 thoughts on “Claim: David Seaman, Alex Jones, Mark Dice, Paul Joseph Watson, Lisa Haven Frauds (Video)

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    • I’m still not convinced any of these guys are bad guys, but for the sake of argument, suppose I agree that Seaman is a fraud. It’s pretty clever to build a fan base on the basis of #pizzagate and then ease into trying to build support for Israel. I can picture Zionist Jews paying Seaman several thousand a month for doing that. Also, I recall one of his #pizzagate vids where he transitioned into talking about a bitcoin company or something. He lost my attention at that point. I thought it was weird.

  2. Of course, they’re all frauds. I don’t think they’re simply too visible, so to speak, to speak the truth, which is the most common excuse their fans are giving. I think these high standard, high quality, professional and popular websites exist because they have been set up as controlled opposition from the beginning, and not because they brought themselves up from nothing.

    I spoke to Paul Joseph Watson himself a few times – he even remembered me when I commented on his WP shortly after resurrecting my currently standing blog. (I told him to watch a video The Golden One made about him, calling for him to tell the 100% truth.) However… after watching many of his videos (even without that 2.5 minute clip of him explicitly denying (((who runs the world))) from late last year), I’ve concluded he’s controlled opposition, and comparably tame to others (like Renegade). Just because one of these agenturs took the time to speak to you and be friendly, it doesn’t mean they’re genuine. It is in fact one of the many ways they infiltrate: by gaining your trust. He’s a Zionist shill.

    Mark Dice is intellectually dishonest, but in my opinion he is less so than the others listed here, and he’s very entertaining (which I admit is an infiltrating tactic) so I’m still subscribed to him… until he either fucks up or somehow proves he’s genuine.

    Virtually every website I’ve seen promotes at least some harmful ideas, whether intentionally or unknowingly. (I believe Latsbrah, the Golden One, is an exception but still being enlightened – and of course Varg Vikernes.) In fact, I’d even say the only ones doing 100% genuine work are the local organizations – and all the other low-key organizations you never hear about.

    • It’s very difficult to bring yourself up from nothing. I like all of these rats. I guess likability is part of the infiltration scheme. I will continue to post stuff from them, if it highlights a particular truth, well illustrated. Most of us here know the score. We can fill in the missing pieces on our own or with a little help from each other.

      • PS: I wish to briefly revive this. After thinking it over, I don’t think Lisa Haven is necessarily a shill, even though she shares some suspect traits:

        All of Lisa’s YouTube video titles are meant to be click-bait, and some are even misleading. She also collaborates with many controlled opposition suspects. Lisa doesn’t identify as red-pill, from what I’ve seen. And she avoids many realist issues, whose discussion is necessary to gain our trust. Finally, Lisa Haven is Christian – and virtually all anti-racist, non-realist Christians are Zionists – so that colors her perspective in an unhelpful way. Also: the “woman = mouthpiece” stereotype.

        But, with that said, there are some issues Lisa talks about which very few even scratch: we’re secretly being nuked by ongoing Fukushima radiation, putting the spotlight on the USSA’s most outspoken critics and subsequently red-pilling normals, massive (de)population control, and the planned economic crash – from which the debt-based economy cannot recover due to the number of enlightened citizens who will call out the true cause once it begins.

        And since you know I’m going to say it… despite her big nose and possibly post-menopausal age, Lisa Haven is extraordinarily beautiful. So does she do more harm than good, or do her pros outweigh the cons? If you can read between the lines, I’ll say the latter. Otherwise, Lisa is an irresistible poison.

  3. I avoid videos and seek the written word, which seems about 4 time faster to find out something. It seems that charisma is a gift most easily used over others when we see and listen to them. The written word takes away this power.
    A lot of Jews, and their goy allies, are charming and deceptive liars so it is better not to watch them and not to listen to them such as that cunning Jew Jon Stewart and the fake “conservative” Stephen Colbert. I never watch or listen to Mark Dice, Alex Jones. Paul Joseph Watson, Stephen Molyneux to name a few. Milo the anal butt reamer – never. Black Pigeon I suspect also. Women imitators of these guys deadpan style, forget it. Boring and a waste of time.
    I do watch and listen to David Duke and Brother Nathaniel now and again.
    I also like the radio shows where people like Andrew Anglin talk but I do not spend much time on them.
    The Jonestown massacre with Duke and Jones is awesome to watch and not a waste of time.

    • Loved your first paragrph, agree: Reading = Get More & Much Faster! However, I never had thought about the charisma aspect being removed from the written word, but good point!

      The only two names of that bunch I’m familiar with are Jones + Watson. They’ve been called Zio shills forever already. Nothing new there. I agree that fancy professional websites & polished but fearmongering documentaries are suspect.

      Never heard the Jones/Duke Jonestown info. Does it have to do with Jonestown being a purposeful “news distraction” to cover the joint USA+Mossad destruction of the nearby Russian nuke-warhead plant?

      That’s what Peter David Beter (1921-1987), a Lebonese American financial guy (who JFK had appointed to some trade bank position) wrote about in his “audio newsletters” decades ago. He distributed those between 1975-1982. His audio-letter re Jonestown was Issue #40. I ran across his stuff a few years ago & his Jonestown & Jim Jones info was very interesting! Beter says Jones was born Jewish. Beter supposedly stopped his audio letters due to death threats to his family. His opinion of the 3-headed monster running the world was Bolsheviks/Israel + Rockefeller + Kremlin. He also wrote a book about the Dollar, I forget the title. He was an early “conspiracy theorist,” & for that he gets my highest regard! He would have been only about 66 when he died. 😦

      • Sob-A-Tear, I think Robert is referring to the debate between Alex Jones and David Duke, not the Jim Jones Jonestown mass suicide. Perhaps Robert can clarify. I was a bit confused as to what he was referring to myself until I remembered that I posted the debate on this site last year when it happened.

    • hi Robert. Black Pigeon Speaks is definitely controlled opposition, judging by his intellectual dishonesty. Although his skin is white, his face (physiognomy) reveals his (((ancestry))) is not. In short, it’s more probable than not that he’s a subverter.

      The only (((members))) trustworthy are realists who tell the truth about their own tribe, yet denounce their religion (or blood) and distance themselves from their natural insanity.

  4. Seaman is a “thought leader” for Bitgold or Bitcoin and friends with Israeli Zionist Jew founder Roy Sebag who is backed by what Seaman (another Zionist Jew) calls the ” legendary Soros family” who of course are amoral Jews themselves when it comes to the goyim and the currencies they are given by their Jewish financial masters to use. So it is a small world when the people Seaman works for are friends with Alexander and George Soros. The only question I have is what is Seaman’s relationship to the Soros family? Are they friends? I also find it strange that Seaman bears a resemblence to Alexander Soros. And in case people have forgotten, Soros is also a backer of the Clintons, Podesta and Alefantis. Veddy interestink!

    • I haven’t heard the phrase “thought leader” in a long time, but it’s a great phrase I need to use more.

      As to Seaman, what’s that phrase I can’t remember? Degrees of separation? Something about being six degrees of separation from anyone. Seaman is just one degree away, if the claims are true. As you say, very interesting indeed.

  5. Good comment, Robert, and that is my approach too, except that I usually just look for what is useful and leave it to others to point out where they spot where things are wrong. Even the jew plants normally have to give some useful information in order to stay in business but some are a complete waste of time.

    PJ, That is good information to know about in regard to Seaman which I haven’t heard before. It confirms what is being said by this posting.

    • Yes, it’s quite a shift from talking about evidence for pedophiles in high places to advocating from Israel. I see much more clearly now how a con job works. They get your confidence and then they turn you in a different direction.

      I’m still going to post material by all these people, but with a warning label, like on cigarettes. Just picking an example randomly, if Paul Joseph Watson tells me something about Muslims I don’t know, and it’s important, I’ll post it here with some kind of generic warning label about his possible motives.

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