Daft Inspirational Quote of the Day: One by Australia’s Malcolm Turnbull

Oh yeah, I remember that. When Australia was a white country (by policy), it was the poorest turd world sh*thole on the face of the planet. Right, Malcolm?

Once in a while to have fun with these “inspirational” quotes, it’s good to publish a really stupid one. This is one of those.

To learn more about Australia’s current PM, visit Wikipedia.

5 thoughts on “Daft Inspirational Quote of the Day: One by Australia’s Malcolm Turnbull

  1. Mal was a Goldman Sachs Banker. I said ten years ago that he would be made PM regardless of how the electoral process worked..

  2. Mal Turncoat, Goldman Sachs, Socialist leading a right wing party (!) and a Jew.
    He might be weak on maths. Every year 200,000 or more legal immigrants arrive and more than 20,000 black as spades Africturd rapefugees. This is just the legal number. A huge number are illegal and they just share family members documents like drivers license and Medicare Cards. Almost all newbies want to live in Sydney, and most do.
    Anyway, none of these people add wealth – except those that bring stolen and bribe money like corrupt Chinese officials. Working in a fast food shop or 7 11 is not adding value to the nations GDP. These immigrants are in fact lowering real GDP, real wages, and sponging on welfare, phoney Workcover claims and suing the buggery out of any shop where they can fall over and hurt their back, The nation is flooded with their elderly relatives like ancient Chinks who have never worked one day in Australia.
    Australia peaked in real wealth about the 1950s. My opinion, not a bullshit Govt statistic, I have only lived there for over 60 years, what would I know?
    Most drug dealers are foreign born and they ship out Australian dollars as fast as the Govt can print them. Jails are full of tinted scum – not white people. This is making Australia richer?? In Sydney alone the Crime Commission identified 650 Mr Bigs in drugs – many of whom live in jurisdictions where they can not be extradited to Australia. 150 or so are loose cannon psychos.
    Sydney is rich in the sense of the Chinese curse “May you live in interesting times”.

  3. Plus, the Aussies have their own indigenous negroes, the Aborigines, who are so primitive, they make ours look like rocket scientists. Robert’s comment is great–“tinted scum”. Is that anything like tinted paint?

    • Yes it is. “Tinted” is a favorite word of the comedian Sir Les Paterson, played by Barry Humphries, who is a Conservative – rare for a comedian. You can find Sir Les on YouTube, mocking corrupt and drunken Govt officials. He loves “rub and tug shops” in Bangkok and Manilla.
      He thinks that the Chinese look like “dwarves with hepatitis”.

  4. Mal has two nickname among Aussies… Malcolm Turdbull, & Malcolm Bumbull …BTW The lefties love Malcolm, but they wouldn’t vote for him ?? He’s the cuckoo in the Conservative Party ??

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