Canadian Family Speaks Out After ‘N–ga lover’ Spray-Painted in Teen’s Room


Who knew that big young jigaboos like Jayden were so fragile and sensitive. Read the story. You’ll see. It’s so bad he doesn’t want to go to school.

At first, Tim Benner thought it was just a break-in. He found his furniture trashed, computers stolen and walls spray painted.

But three hours into the police investigation, officers alerted him to a message written on the wall in his daughter’s room. Someone had spray-painted “N–ga lover” in large letters.

“I was pretty shaken up. I sat down on the bed and cried. I’m still in shock,” said Benner about the incident, which occurred on Feb. 15. “It was a big decision to show [my daughters] this. This has to be brought out and brought forward to let my kids know this is not right.”

Someone who knows the kids

Benner said whoever wrote the racist message knows his family or his daughter, Ruby, 16. It happened in broad daylight and over the course of 45 minutes, according to Benner.

The family lives on a farm outside Port Colborne, which is near the Welland Canal on Lake Erie in the Niagara Region about 147 kilometres south of Toronto. Because of a long, unpaved laneway, the house is not visible from the road.

“It’s obviously somebody that knows my kids,” Benner said. He told CBC Toronto he’s “dead set” against racism and hate crimes like this one.

“Otherwise, she would not be dating a black boy,” he said

That boy is Jayden Hannigan, 15. Ruby and Jayden, both in Grade 10 at Lakeshore Catholic High School in Port Colborne, have been going out for half a year.


“Some nights, she’s crying and I’m just trying to say it’s all right,” Jayden told CBC Toronto.

“I just think to myself not everyone is racist or not everyone thinks of me different, or her, because she’s dating a different colour,” he said.

“It’s hard to think about, to imagine who would do this,” said Ruby quietly through tears. “It’s crazy.”

‘They’ve robbed our family’

Jayden’s mom, Shannon Hannigan, is worried the incident will affect her son for a long time to come.

“He doesn’t want to go to school. He doesn’t want to go to hockey. He doesn’t want to leave my house,” she said. “That’s not fair to a kid who should be worried about what he’s doing Friday night, what video game he wants to play.

“That’s not Jayden. They’ve done something to his psyche. They’ve taken my innocent child and made him into something he’s not. They’ve robbed my family.”

Ruby, we all hope you enjoy your mudshark sunglasses.

Poor Jayden. Such a sensitive lad. We cry for you, muh nigga.

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7 thoughts on “Canadian Family Speaks Out After ‘N–ga lover’ Spray-Painted in Teen’s Room

  1. Happens every day that in broad daylight someone sneaks like a ninja into a country farm house secreted and set back on a long, winding private road. Then, the ninja trashes the house, spray-paints racial slurs, steals computers and whatever else and then ninjas away sight unseen. In Canada of all places. Yes, it happens everyday.

    • You think it is an insurance job by the dad? Money troubles maybe? I thought the mattress on the single bunk looks very cheap.

  2. The girl is very lucky to have such a warning. Now she goes ahead in the full knowledge that most whites and most blacks will hate her if she marries a Coon. She will also wreck her own family relationships. She is a nigger lover so why are the words offensive? it is the simple truth. unless she does not love niggers, which would be confiding for everybody.

  3. They probably did this to themselves, it seems like when ever a synagogue is trashed, a Blacks house spray painted, almost always they have done it themselves, wouldn’t be surprised if they had sold their things and were looking to claim insurance or something, and using this as a cover.

  4. They didn’t describe her very much or give her age, but my first bet would be that it was the other daughter who did it. Who could blame her.


    It is amazing that liberals, negrophiliacs and Judaists never actually get harmed (beaten or killed). Their property only gets spray painted.

    According to the SPLC, conservatives are the biggest hate group, but only whites and conservatives actually get killed, instead of doing the killing.

    This leads to only one logical conclusion–the spray paintings and other such pseudoviolance is just a self-fabricated scam by the liberals, the negrophiliacs and the Judaists.

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