Breaking! Calls for AG Sessions Resignation for Lying Under Oath About Russian Connections

Hundreds of Tweets per minute are being posted on Twitter in response to the Washington Post’s claim that America’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions committed perjury during his Congressional confirmation hearings.

Naturally, Senators John McCain and Lindsay Graham have stepped up to “demand answers.”

The usual gaggle of leftists on Twitter are joining in he chorus.

Twitter is a leftist sewer where anyone not marching in lockstep is tried, convicted, and hung by the Twitter lynch mobs.

General Flynn was forced out. President Trump should not allow Jeff Sessions to be demonized on the basis of the fake news Washington Post report.

10 thoughts on “Breaking! Calls for AG Sessions Resignation for Lying Under Oath About Russian Connections

  1. Christ Almighty! These c*nts will not let up. I hope the Trump Administration tells these cretinous kikes to pound sand.

  2. FBI making deals for fake news.

    “You remember the retarded story of how Trump was filmed in a Moscow hotel getting pissed on by Russian hookers? Yeah, it was that ridiculous story that came out not long after the other ridiculous story about the Russians hacking the election and making the unlikable Hillary Clinton lose. Well, it turns out the guy who came up with it was getting all ready to draw a government check.

    The FBI reached a deal just weeks before the election to pay ex-British spy Christopher Steele, who had compiled a dossier of information purporting to reveal compromising information the Russians had on Donald Trump.

    So what the hell do I have to do to get in line to get paid for making shit up? Seriously, I do my best to report the truth here at the Semitic Truth Center and I’ll be honest, it doesn’t pay real well.

    The agreement, which ultimately fell apart, would be for Steele to continue his work, sources told the Washington Post and confirmed to NBC.”

    • Like this one at grandpalampshade too.

      “Once They Think They Have the Numbers There is no Further Need for the Niceties”

      How true!

      • New avatar! Now everyone will know that you’re a woman. Honestly, I don’t know if that’s good or bad since some people are prejudiced against women on the Internet. I’m thinking of Andrew Anglin, of course.

  3. Wow! See Aravosis, the Trump hater, on Twitter. Can he be more obvious? LGBT advocate meaning he’s gay. His website Resist Trump in sells t-shirts. And what kind of name is Aravosis? No surname origin anywhere on the net. Only three in the U.S. in Illinois most likely a questionable migrant working with Obama’s (((mafia))) buddies.

    We can expect this from the ((left))), but it looks like there are 2 more snakes in the grass, Graham & McCain, continuing to undermine their own party even when it’s obvious that Sessions did not talk to Russians about the 2016 election. I guess their (((donors))) have a gun to their heads.

    Both are really vindictive SOB’s, aren’t they? Trump almost exposed McCain for the traitor he is and gave out Graham’s cell phone number.

    Yep, (((they))) are everywhere…might even be hiding in our closets!

  4. Paladin, This is off-topic, but has some links you or others may want.

    “Where females fear to tread: KATIE HOPKINS reports from Sweden, the Scandi-lib paradise where terrified women have vanished from the streets and a conspiracy of silence and self-censorship on immigration buries the truth”

    “She doesn’t want her picture to be seen now. Not in case the migrants attack again, but because the feminists will come after her and hound her as a racist for speaking out. The migrant men scare her. But it is Swedish women who have silenced her.”
    A Mudshark who is a real bitch:

    “Animal shelter worker, 24, ‘had sex with dog and filmed herself in act’
    •Louisiana woman Celina Ann Cabrera, 24, charged with crimes against nature
    •Alleged accomplice Booker Talioterro Thomas Jr, 41, also charged on Friday”

  5. Since when did “Tweets” matter. Did Winston Churchill resign because of letters to the editor? Did telegrams make Mussolini resign over mistress issues? Since when did digital thought bubbles dictate the future of the free-world?

  6. This is non news, who cares what some fake news outlet comes out with, it’s BS and the twitter crowd are insane. It’s all over the British press too, I just never bother reading it, who cares if he spoke to the Russians?

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