Angry Keith Olberman Says We’re “Trump’s Gestapo” in New Video

Crazy Keith is at it again, spewing lies with a great deal of anger and emotion. His intent seems to be to stir up the stupid ones to the point where one of them assassinates Trump.

If only Trump were purging Hispanics and banning Muslims. Olbermann’s whole premise is just liberal bullsh*t.

He should be ashamed of himself, but I guess the money (from Soros?) is too good to pass up. He should have stuck to sportscasting. His news analysis sucks.

Watch on youtube, if you prefer.

Raw Story

Olbermann suggested that at a certain point, it is no longer “just a Muslim ban or just a purge of Hispanics, it is a series of acts intended to terrify Americans into submission. It is a series of acts intended to silence those that would object, and turn them into human sheep.”

“It is in fact a series of acts of terrorism against the people of the United States of America and Donald Trump, it is your doing, and in due time you will atone,” Olbermann said.

5 thoughts on “Angry Keith Olberman Says We’re “Trump’s Gestapo” in New Video

  1. Race baiting whore! Bend over ..guess who gave Obomination the ban list..ISRAHell… no wonder they and Saudi Arabia aren’t on it. Overman is a media stooge!

  2. I just noticed that (((Keith Olbermann))) does not have a wedding ring. He is an out of control, libtard drama queen. Methinks that Keith is light in his loafers.

  3. That old leftist is still around? I thought he would have died long ago from choking after gargling on some of his own dingleberrries.

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  5. I WISH it were muslim bans and mexican purges! We should be so lucky! How great would that be?!?!? and how good for the country…

    One cant even talk to morons like this – when will rational people STOP giving them a platform? BOYCOTT tv, msm papers and radio ; their source of income dries up and they will be forced to also. the msm [[[owners]]] love that shekel…

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