Woman who fell down stairs was fat, drunk and careless, British judge rules


Eren Hussein, above, used to weigh a lot more. She didn’t watch her step and wanted someone else to pay for her bad judgement.

This is the story of a judge who showed good judgement.

The Independent

A woman lost a civil case against Ronnie Scott’s jazz club after a judge ruled her treacherous fall down two flights of stairs occurred because she was drunk, obese and careless.

Eren Hussein was seeking thousands in damages from the world famous club after breaking her wrist and elbow after a party at the venue in 2012.

“It was dark, it was dim and I didn’t see my step as I was going down,” she told the judge. “I tumbled over and over and over and I injured myself very badly. I recall landing on my neck and the back of my head as well.”

However Judge Heather Baucher QC threw out her civil claim and instead accused her of not taking due care, referencing her 18-stone frame and platform heels.

“Mrs Hussein, at 115kg, must have taken up much of the width of the stairway. But for some inexplicable reason, she did not use the handrail,” Judge Baucher said.

“In her inebriated, obese state on three-inch platforms, that would be an obvious, simple step for anyone presented with what they saw as a hazard,” she said.

The 53-year-old company director had been at a birthday party with her pregnant daughter-in-law when the incident occurred in March 2012.

The court heard how Mrs Hussein, who has since lost five stones, walked down the left side of the stairs, despite the banister being on the right.

However Judge Baucher said that she could still have used the rail on the right, given her size at the time.

Mrs Hussein denied she had been drunk, claiming she drank no more than a glass and a half of champagne and a glass of red wine.

However, Ronnie Scott’s barrister Catherine Foster said medical records from her arrival at hospital described her as “obviously drunk” and “intoxicated”.

Judge Baucher also visited the scene of the fall and found nothing wrong with lighting, and ruled Ronnie Scott’s was not to blame for the accident.

Personal responsibility has been lost as the West has been colonized by diversity–a third world crowd that wants responsible people to pay for their lack of responsibility. May there be more judges like Judge Baucher.

3 thoughts on “Woman who fell down stairs was fat, drunk and careless, British judge rules

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  2. “Eren Hussein ”
    Muslim, i.e. crook and a liar.
    A Muslim woman in Sydney got about $180,000 for slipping over on one grape in a supermarket.
    Muslims plus the court system will bankrupt all Western nations, and Coons etc are in on the racket. Most non whites know the game and many play it. Many first put the grape or liquid on the floor themselves , then expect a huge payout for the “negligence” of the shop. To a non white, this is “working”.
    Parasites can sometimes kill, as with mistletoe on trees.
    White society is the tree and the non whites are boring away sucking up all the nutritious life giving food and water. The white altruism tree will surely die, and soon I hope. No more “Mr Nice Guy” i.e naive fool. The white man of the future will be a hard man who gives beggars nothing and sends gypsies to death camps.

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