Trump Suggests Bomb Threats Against Jews Are False Flags

The Daily Beast

Oy vey! The Donald is in trouble now.

He knows. And he’s even willing to say it.

The Daily Beast

After a slew of bomb threats forced evacuations at Jewish community centers and schools in 11 states on Monday, President Trump reportedly suggested that the threats may have been done to “make others look bad.”

Billy Penn and Buzzfeed interviewed Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro after he met with Trump at the White House on Tuesday. Shapiro, a Democrat, quoted Trump as saying the bomb threats may have come from “the reverse” in order to “make others look bad.”

“He used the word ‘reverse’ I would say two to three times in his comments,” Shapiro told Billy Penn. “I really don’t know what he means, and I don’t know why he said that.”

Shapiro was among a number of state attorneys general who met with Trump just two days after a Jewish cemetery was vandalized in Philadelphia, and a week after a Jewish cemetery in St. Louis was also ransacked. Police have not made arrests in either case.

During the meeting, Shapiro said Trump also called the wave of anti-Semitic attacks “reprehensible” and said he would discuss the matter further during a speech before the joint session of Congress tonight.

Both the White House and the Pennsylvania attorney general’s office have not responded to requests from The Daily Beast for comment.

Trump and his administration have recently taken to blaming both the previous administration and paid activists for a slew of consistent protests against his policies throughout the first month of his presidency.

During an interview with Fox and Friends on Tuesday morning, Trump blamed former President Obama for protests and leaks that have come out.

“I think he is behind it,” Trump said. “I also think it’s just politics. That’s just the way it is.”

During a daily press briefing last week, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer also said that recent uproar from constituents at congressional town-hall meetings across the country were partially due to a “professional protester manufactured base.”

Actually, it’s not Obama behind it. It’s (((George Soros.))) Obama is just the front man for Soros.


15 thoughts on “Trump Suggests Bomb Threats Against Jews Are False Flags

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  2. No doubt in my mind it’s either Jews themselves or Soros paid agents.

    I believe it’s known who’s doing it considering NSA’s massive database of every call made every day.

    I want to hear Trump say teaching college courses on “White Privilege,” “Kill Whitey,” and black on White crime are racist.

  3. Notice how its always the same: Bomb threats that never result in actual bombs, headstones kicked over when no-ones looking, a badly drawn swastika somewhere-or-other by the invisible Nazi…rarely much more than that actually, you know, soft stuff that never harms a precious J fingernail. They are using this to build a media narrative to fit the Trump/Nazi meme they are working so hard with. The clue lies in how aggressively the media frames Trump’s reaction, and how much real-world effort goes into catching supposed perpetrators.

    • Right, PB! The scripting which was done by them in advance comes through in the obvious manner in which the bait is laid which is to be responded to, and by the consistency behind the media messages.

  4. I’m as certain as one can be that you are right, Wulife, and there is evidence of those 30,000 plus leftists who were trained in the Alinsky methods as well a collusion with some who have infiltrated into the intelligence agencies, who are conducting campaigns against Trump. That doesn’t even count the jewgle jews and the MSM.

    Did you notice what that Jonothan Greenblatt, the new replacement for Foxman, had to say in the end paragraphs of that Beast report? Acting as if he could dictate what the President was supposed to say and do about it tonight is what that jew head was doing. I think Trump is ahead of their game, but they will put up a great clamor if he doesn’t do exactly as they dictate. Let’s hope that Trump knows and does what is right.

    “Apologizing for using politically incorrect words is admitting that you have done something wrong. Telling the truth is not wrong and I reject anyone who says otherwise.”

    They still have not learned that in South Africa, and most South African whites still don’t know who it is which has (((placed them))) in the situation they are in.

    “It doesn’t take you much to get labeled a racist and anti-semite these days. One wrong word could get you into trouble and you may even lose your job. Unfortunately this has become the norm in South Africa for White Folk. Too many of us are getting into trouble for saying things I don’t think are racist. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if looking at a niggroid cross eyed is considered racist by these black clowns.

    If you are an individual who finds him or herself in this situation, you must stand your ground.”

  5. Never any cameras and no bombs ever found..More Jew lies for attention and probably to push for harsh censorship and laws to avoid the Jewish question of why are these filthy F@cks in all of Americas business…hopefully people are becoming more aware of the parasite state that’s sucking us dry

  6. Oy vey! So the Jews can not afford security cameras to catch the guilty, or prevent such crimes? Why does the Govt not pay? Jews have deep pockets and their arms are too short to reach their wallets.
    i would say 99% chance that Jews kicked over the headstones, any white doing this might get 10 to 20 years in jail. This crime has a double benefit. It would upset living Jews who are not Zionists, realising that their headstone might be kicked over after they die. Probably the SPLC committed these “atrocities”. They are the ones bleating the loudest.

    What confuses me, what Jew is prepared to waste good money on a burial plot and a headstone? Surely they all would pay to be cremated, or maybe have a free paupers funeral as is still offered under British law? In a paupers funeral you get buried standing up with several other paupers in the same hole, and no headstone or other marking, and no religious service. This is how the Govt and the Church shows respect for a mans life of work and paying taxes. It is actually almost identical to how the (((Soviet Cheka/NKVD))) dumped the bodies of those they murdered. Dig a hole with a backhoe and dump in the bodies.

  7. The real story here is Trump’s stupid decision to meet with this stupid dingleberry in the first place. Naturally, the Pennsylvania AG immediately trashed Trump after their meeting.

    There is nothing to be gained from trying to ‘engage’ hypercorrupt partisan violent Communists. And nowadays that description seems to fit EVERY elected Democrat. Trump should work instead on separating this guy from the rank-and-file Democrat voters (about 1/3 of whom CAN be reached).

  8. Zero tolerance is a necessary past due policy for negroids on rampages and the jews who promote and encourage them. This is where REAL TOXIC Healing must begin.

    Houston woman murdered in front of her whole family

    “February 28, 2017

    “Two very young black males” shot and killed a Houston woman right in front of her husband and two daughters on Monday evening. They were on a crime spree at the time.”

  9. How about we apply some common sense to this situation. Why suddenly are Jews, Blacks, Hispanics and gays suddenly targets? Were they innocently going about their lives when mindless malcontents decided to harrass and degrade them? Or did they do something which agitated that feeling? They should seriously question themselves before questioning everyone else. Am I disliked because I am an unlovable person? Is my behavior making me a target of dislike? Am I really innocent? No one starts a pushback movement unless there is cause to start pushing. These ‘innocents’ are not the hapless victims they portray themselves to be, they have been examined and found wanting.

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