Pizza Joint Fires Worker Who Wrote “pig ass motherf*cker” on Cop’s Receipt

When a pizza joint charges $5.50 for one slice of pizza, the employees ought to bow and curtsey to you. That’s a king’s ransom for a small amount of food.

An employee of Southside Pizza in Austin, Texas, presumably a gentleman of color, didn’t give a hungry Latino cop the royal treatment, however. He went full retard, as blacks will often do.

Fox News

The manager of a pizza restaurant in Austin, Texas says he fired an employee after a police officer who came in to order food was given a receipt that included a profane insult.

Officer Nito Delgado-Eberhardt visited Southside Flying Pizza on East Cesar Chavez Saturday night.

He late posted about the incident on Facebook, according to Blue Lives Matter, writing “Was hoping to get a quick slice for the road. Instead, got a bad vibe from the cashier. What sealed the deal for me was seeing her taking a picture of the patrol car while flipping it off. Good times. The receipt is proof after the fact that it was money well spent to learn about this place. We did NOT eat the food.”

The employee allegedly wrote “pig a— motherf—–” at the bottom of the receipt.

Southside Flying Pizza manager David Hatley says that he was “appalled” by the actions of the employee.

“That’s where we hang our hat is customer service and quality of food, but even more so with the police officers that work in our community,” Hatley told Fox 7.

After hearing about the incident, the restaurant manager said he took swift action to correct the problem.

“Obviously we’re deeply appalled by the incident and that employee has been let go. We’ve also already donated a combined $1,000 to a police memorial fund,” Hatley said.

President of the Austin Police Association Ken Casaday says local law enforcement officials are appreciative of the actions taken by Hatley and his team.

“This is one bad incident that I think they definitely deserve to be forgiven for. Of all people that should know this is police officers,” said Casaday.

He added that while anti-police rhetoric has become more common in recent years, they are also seeing a lot of positivity from people in the communities in which they serve.

“We see more people that act like that towards us, but we’re also seeing, on the other side, it’s very unlikely for me to walk into a restaurant in Austin and not have someone pay for my food.”

Despite Southside management’s swift action to mend relations with the police officer, Hatley says his shop has received several death threats via email and over the phone since the receipt was posted online. Austin police say they plan to visit Southside Flying Pizza Monday to demonstrate their continued support for the business.

Why do we rarely get to learn the names of the perps in this kind of story? A good reporter would get the name from the shop owner and then pay the perp a visit to see what he had to say.

10 thoughts on “Pizza Joint Fires Worker Who Wrote “pig ass motherf*cker” on Cop’s Receipt

  1. Without before reading the article why did I seem to know the malcontent was a negro or some color. Maybe it was their advanced use of the English language “Pig ass motherf&cker” was the dead giveaway

    Hmmm a spicky cop. He cold have maced, shot and stomped the porch primates head in and gotten off because he is also a protected sacred minority.

    OMG! 5.50 and I thought Taxachusetts prices were bad

  2. Police learn where not to eat in future, and business owner learns there is a price for hiring the Diversity.

    I wonder what else they’ve gotten up to in the past when prepping food for Police?

      • I hope the saying is true “that which does not kill me makes me stronger”.
        Consuming nigger spit or other bodily fluids is a pretty sickening prospect, or even if the waiter/cook is white. But the unlikely white man consuming this may end up with a more powerful constitution. That is, if he survives.
        So that is my theory. Spit in my food and I become stronger, not weaker.

  3. “pig a— motherf—–”

    I don’t think we really need to guess about the creature that wrote this. It’s fairly obvious. The officer was smart not to eat the food. Non-whites hate the white man because in him they see everything they can never possibly be. This is the reason why multiculturalism is a joke. We can never share our refined culture with savages that resent us and our culture. That is why they continuously demand that we adopt and incorporate their dark culture of violence and squalor. That is why they resent and disrespect representatives of White law and order, even when that representative is non-white.

  4. Thanks to Obama there must be damned near full employment in Austin, since it is so filled with negroid, mexies, queers. politicians and other filth who have been run out of the good parts of Texas.

    “Hispanic employment skyrockets 29 percent, 9.37 million whites drop out of labor force”

    • My comment accidently posted before I had finished, and I suspect it was lightning from storms going through, but there are a lot of the criminal element in Austin which I was referring to above which is difficult to spot because there are a lot of laid back former hippie types who are centered in Austin, and all of those diverse groups have a long history of disrespect toward police and law enforcement. It’s not uncommon for those types of incidents to happen there, because they all blend together, and the politicians are even protective of them,

  5. In Australia and many or most other countries, the advertised price is what you pay. The tax is then shown as a deduction from the total price, for information purposes. the govt makes the laws, and the govt like the price/bills/receipts done this way. The US way makes the govts look bad – are they stupid or something?

    In good ol’ USA, the consumer is slugged with unadvertised taxes after they agree to buy something.
    This is wrong ethically in my opinion and false advertising. The advertised price should be the total price, Not plus, plus.
    The Fountain drink is deceptively advertised as $1.95, when the real price payable is about $2.10 or so.
    I have stayed in a US hotel room for $199 a night and then when I pay my bill it is actually about $215 a night for “State taxes”. This is a con.

  6. Austin is definitely keeping weird. Robert above says that he was upset about the taxes he had to pay after he checked out of his hotel. I have had the same experience staying in hotels. Those added taxes are extortionate. The only good thing is that I deduct all sales taxes through the year from my federal income tax.

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