Penn State to Erect MONUMENT to DIVERSITY: They Need Your Opinion

Won’t you please go all in for inclusion, diversity, and all dat sheeeeeeeeeeit?

Read the pro-diversity blurb from Penn State below. At the link, there’s a space for your name, email, and a place to write why diversity makes you feel so good. After the blurb, you can read what I wrote them.

All in at Penn State

What inspires you?
At Penn State, we’ve been spotlighting Diversity and Inclusion, including creating an outdoor commemorative piece to permanently highlight our commitment to having an inclusive University for generations to come. As part of that, we’re asking students, faculty and staff to share your thoughts on being “All In.”

In 30 to 50 words, tell us what Diversity and Inclusion mean to you. What inspires you to be “All In”? Where will being committed to Diversity and Inclusion bring us in the future? Your contribution or excerpts from it may be included in the University’s outdoor piece or shared with the community on social media and other outlets.

After filling in the name box as Adolf Humpster and giving a ridiculous fake email address, I filled in the box this way. Warning: Extreme trolling ahead.

Speaking as a white male, diversity is wonderful. I love pussy. It’s all pink inside. The color of the skin outside may differ but it’s that pink hole that inspires me to love diversity. Hindu girls? Man, they are easy, even if I have to put a bag over my head and hers too. Those are some ugly chicks. Ghetto mamas? I love the smell of watermelon and fried chicken all mixed together. It’s an AFRO aphrodisiac. Mexicans are the best though. Once you disinfect their buttholes to get the smell of bean farts washed away, you’re in for a sweet ride. And on days when I’m feeling a bit faggy, it’s great to have a sewer slut with a mustache to ride. I’ll always love diversity.

After submitting my little essay in support of diversity, this came back:

Thank you for you feedback! We’re making Penn State a more diverse and inclusive university, together.

Believe me, I was happy to help.

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12 thoughts on “Penn State to Erect MONUMENT to DIVERSITY: They Need Your Opinion

  1. Following your incentive I too dropped my contribution to their “commitment to diversity”. Mine was as follows –

    Planned by AshkeNAZI Mafia in collaboration with submissive self-denying and treasures Liberal Lefturds, Politically Correct Multiracial Diversity is just malignantly orchestrated destruction of the Earthly REAL or NATURAL diversity. It’s CRIME; it is plain GENOCIDE by the official UN definition of genocide. The only intention of this project is to transform Euro-Race, thru Monsanto-alike socially engineered modification, where White Race ONLY will be terminated irrevocably and sunken in a malformed synthetically created new Mono-Racial sewage-society. Coudenhove Kalergi Plan, as one of socio-ideological matrices for this agenda, long time ago explained in details the purpose of this vile project that targets White Race ONLY. The latest massive quasi-immigration swarming of Europe and US with Third World herds is the CLEAR proof of such plan existence.

    I posted above with next “credentials” …
    Shamir Leibowitz

    … and of course loved their auto respond – “Thank you for you feedback! We’re making Penn State a more diverse and inclusive university, together”

    I hope they might “understand” how “deeply together” we are with them!

  2. True story. My brother was at PSU. Final semester. His roommate was Jewish, started a fight with my brother, my brother just pushed him down and subdued him. Jewish kid got my brother suspended and a criminal record for my brother. My brother was able to finish his degree at another university, but he always has a “conviction” on his record. Diversity=Trouble.

    • Check your state laws. In Texas you can get a misdemeanor conviction removed from your record. I know that for sure, but I haven’t checked into it. Do an online search. It’s like a pardon type thing. It costs about a thousand dollars in Texas from what I can remember.

  3. Added my 2 cents. Penn State is a Pennsylvania state sponsored university receiving from $20 – $50 million a year from taxpayers. All states have them. When a university pushes something such as this, I accuse them of White Genocide reminding them of the UN International definition. Intentionally replacing and displacing a majority racial ethnic group is genocide. Removing educational opportunities creating conditions where they cannot survive.

      • You know how I am…contacting universities…this time a PA State Senator and House Representative who decide on how much $ their state supported university receives every year.

        A few minutes later, received this response from the Senator.

        “Thank you for sharing your concerns with how Penn State is handling diversity and inclusion. I share your concerns and will raise this matter the next time I meet with Penn State officials.

        In the interim, thank you for bringing this important matter to my attention.

        Senator XXXXXX”

  4. Schweet! BTW, I do not think that Penn State is diverse enough. They persecuted poor Jerry Sandusky who was a pedophile. The university “disowned” him. They discriminated against this poor pederast. They definitely need more diversity.

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