Latina Fires 3 Shots into Sleeping Boyfriend’s Genitals

When feminists see stories like this one they usually get all happy. That’ll teach a cheating boyfriend. Shoot him in the penis and then turn lesbo.

I believe I was probably about seven years old when my mother told me that when a “spic” likes you they really like you. They are an insanely jealous people, my mother told little me. You see, we lived next door to a family from Honduras, who had a beautiful red cocker spaniel named Mitzi that little me liked to use as a pillow. I’ll never forget Mitzi. Likewise, the family had a beautiful 20 something daughter who wore big round earrings, low cut blouses, and bright red lipstick.

She had a lot of boyfriends. There was probably reason for jealousy. At age 7 I learned that Hispanics like to flirt a lot.

SCOTTSDALE — Police say Scottsdale woman shot her boyfriend multiple times while he slept because she believed he was having an affair.

A probable cause statement to arrest 53-year-old Delia Flores says she shot her live-in boyfriend while he slept in a chair on Sunday.

The Arizona Republic reports that police said she shot him once in the penis and twice in the scrotum.

The boyfriend woke up to what he thought were fireworks but were actually seven gunshot wounds, including his groin area and neck. The victim is expected to survive.

The statement says Flores bought the gun a week earlier. Her boyfriend told police he didn’t know she had one and that he didn’t have an affair.

Flores faces charges of attempted first-degree murder and aggravated assault. She made her first appearance in court on Monday and has a preliminary hearing scheduled for March 8.

9 thoughts on “Latina Fires 3 Shots into Sleeping Boyfriend’s Genitals

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  2. 7 gunshot wounds and he will survive? They shoudl mention the caliber of the weapon, even a .22 should have killed him with this many bullets.
    The woman looks mad.

  3. These “Latinos” (WTF is a Latino anyway? True Latins died with the Western Roman Empire’s demise). Anyway, these Latinos need to go back to Latin America where they can act like completely uncivilized cretins, and no one will care.

    • It’s tough coming up with the right word sometimes. I don’t like “beaner” at all. Southern white people eat pinto beans too. I don’t like spic much. Wetback is good, but when I don’t want to trigger liberals I use Latino or even Hispanic. The real Latinos and Hispanics are from Spain, but common usage says they’re from south of us. I’m thinking about trying out Chicano to see if that word resonates with me.

      • How bout Injuns? The whole lot of them would have a lot more Injun blood than Spanish and Portuguese.
        Indigenous if you prefer, or aborigines as is fashionable even for natives who have never set foot in Australia. Aborigines is more scientific and fashionable than Native American I believe. In England the aboriginals are the white people!
        Then you can shorten it to abo, to show the level of respect deserved by abos everywhere. Rousseaus imaginary “noble savages”..
        “She shot the abo in the cock and balls”.

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