Hillary Tacitly Blames Trump for Hindu Shootings in Kansas

hillary nuts

Hillary Clinton appears to be setting herself up as President Donald Trump’s scold, possibly in preparation for another run at the White House in 2020.

Or maybe just to rehabilitate her loser image and get some folks to cough up more sheckels for the Clinton Foundation.

Here’s her latest dig at President Trump.


Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is speaking out against an alleged hate crime that took place in Olathe, Kan. last week.

Adam Purinton, 51, shouted “get out of my country” at two Indian men in a bar before he opened fire, killing one man and injuring two others. With reports that Purinton’s actions were racially motivated, Clinton is calling on President Donald Trump, who has yet to speak out against the shooting, for change.

“With threats & hate crimes on rise, we shouldn’t have to tell @POTUS to do his part. He must step up & speak out,” she tweeted Monday morning.

Despite Clinton’s message, the shooting has not been ruled a hate crime—though the FBI has joined an investigation to determine whether or not it was. If it is ruled a hate crime, Purinton’s actions will join a growing number of hate or racially motivated crimes since Trump’s election. The uptick has mainly been against Muslims and Jews in the United States, according to reports.

We must dispute Time’s contention that there are a growing number of so-called hate crimes against Jews and Muslims, since Time’s source is the notoriously biased SPLC.

We’ve seen too many of these reports ultimately idenified as hoaxes.

And we know that many crimes against whites are indeed NOT called hate crimes when they are committed by blacks.

President Trump has wisely not taken the bait yet. Hillary has never to my knowledge condemned crimes committed by immigrants against whites, so why should Trump jump to witch Hillary’s tune.

When nonwhites break the law, Hillary rarely shows any interest. When Hillary breaks the law, well you know the meme …

One more thing. Hillary conveniently forgets that a white guy was shot too, along with the Asian Indians.

6 thoughts on “Hillary Tacitly Blames Trump for Hindu Shootings in Kansas

  1. Here is most of the comment which disappears when I post it……..I will make some changes, maybe a keyword causes problems.

    “the shooting has not been ruled a hate crime”.
    How can any crime be ruled a hate crime until someone has been convicted for the crime, or the shooter is dead and a through investigation confirms the dead person is the shooter.

    What if Purinton is innocent?
    What if Purinton was being blackmailed to commit the crime? I.e. do this or we kill your family. This would be a love crime, not a hate crime.
    Many people do things they do not want to do because of blackmail, though shooting “sprees” would be a rare one. Was George Bush blackmailed in to invading Iraq and wasting $2 trillion or more US dollars, making the (((Fed))) richer? This Iraq war crime makes Purinton look like small beer.
    Purinton could be a Manchurian Candidate.

    Above all, if Hilary had won there would have been more of these shootings by outraged, disillusioned and bitter older white males. He was not so old, but he looked it. Why shoot Indians now, when Trump may try to stop the tidal flow of scum in to the US? As Paladin argues, every such shooting means more scum and not less. That is why the Norwegian shooter deliberately shot young white foolish Socialists who loved blacks and Muzzies. He knew that shooting blacks and Muslims would have opened the flood gates for more dark welfare bums. Dylan Storm Roof blundered big time- his shooting is actually helping blacks, not hurting them. Fight smarter, not harder.

    • Glad you got the material to post.

      Since the Hindus were shot in a sports bar, I’m guessing that the old fellow who looks older than his age was drinking and that something snapped. Some reports suggest that he thought they were Muslims. When I look at them I see dots, not Muslims.

      My own thinking is that IF someone were to decide to use murder to advance the cause, then that person should target that group that seems to have immunity from the consequences of (((their))) actions. If Roof didn’t have the moxie to go after (((them))) he should have targeted thugs.

  2. This contentions paragraph I cut from post above……

    The US Government could not solve the murders of 3,000 Americans on 911, and. mysteriously, did not even try. So that also was not a hate crime. It was most likley an (((insurance job))) done for the love of money, and false flag to trick the US military in to destroying one Muslim country after another, In my opinion, probably no Muslims were involved in 911. How could Muzzies be trusted to keep silent, when 911 was used to all but destroy the Muslim world?

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