David Seaman Emerges to Address His Disappearance Over Pizzagate Slander


When leading #pizzagate researcher David Seaman took down all his youtube videos and shut down his Twitter account, many of us were mystified.

Buzzfeed, a truly vile leftist site published a hit piece on David on February 25, which apparently upset him enough to disappear himself from the Internet temporarily.

Buzzfeed tries to label people who tell the truth as crazies.

To wit, the conspiracy-news internet’s biggest stars, some of whom now enjoy New Yorker profiles and presidential influence, largely live on YouTube — some of them on the site’s news channel. Infowars — whose founder and host, Alex Jones, claims Sandy Hook didn’t happen, Michelle Obama is a man, and 9/11 was an inside job — broadcasts to 2 million subscribers on YouTube. So does Michael “Gorilla Mindset” Cernovich. So too do a whole genre of lesser-known but still wildly popular YouTubers, people like Seaman and Stefan Molyneux (an Irishman closely associated with the popular “Truth About” format). As do a related breed of prolific political-correctness watchdogs like Paul Joseph Watson and Sargon of Akkad (real name: Carl Benjamin), whose videos focus on the supposed hypocrisies of modern liberal culture and the ways they leave Western democracy open to a hostile Islamic takeover. As do a related group of conspiratorial white-identity vloggers like Red Ice TV, which regularly hosts neo-Nazis in its videos.

The Buzzfeed piece goes on to plant the idea in the public mind that all content that the left doesn’t like (Holocaust truth, for example) should be removed by youtube. In other words, it’s time to clean up the Internet and make it politically correct.

I guess Buzzfeed thinks that the idea of a Satanic cult of (((powerful people))), exposed by Seaman and thousands of others, is a good place to start.

Interestingly, a lady I know who is a Trump supporter and a believer in conspiracies becomes enraged with me when I bring up Pizzagate. She angrily denounces it as fake news.

Anyway, here’s David Seaman’s response to the smear job on “conspiracy theorists,” himself in particular.

Fulcrum News

Note From David

FEBRUARY 27, 2017
I got the word I would be attacked a lot this week. “Character assassination.”

Let them do it. Let them say whatever they want. I helped get the word out in time, and that changes history. Fake News corporate media, owned by the people who lost the election, does not represent truth or knowledge or wisdom.

I just don’t want to see it. I’m somewhere safe and will return to my usual media schedule next week sometime. It is tedious to reply to their made-up theories about me. They use the same playbook all the time- it’s called Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.”

I don’t recommend you read it. It will lower your energy level; it’s a book about manipulating people and breaking people, rather than healing through love and insight. But, of course, many in the political class are still operating out of that old paradigm where they need to break and harm us, bend us to their will. I opt out of that paradigm, as should each of you.

Anyone with half a mind knows I did not go through what I went through over the last 4 months to promote an out of print Internet marketing textbook I wrote 9 years ago. Anyone with a half a heart knows I did not become one of the first US journalists to call out the ring’s child trafficking in order to make money from a gold company’s affiliate program. And anyone who is a friend knows I do not like George Soros. I’ve read his books, he has a legendary financial mind (or did until recently), and he has used his wealth and power to make our world less safe, less beautiful, and more fear-based.

That’s not acceptable. Ironically, some of the groups calling me a Soros shill are likely financed by him. Why do that? Well, it’s in Rules for Radicals- these are not nice people.

As for my YouTube, the videos have been deleted for legal reasons. I will be able to discuss this more next week, when I return to my regular public schedule.

God bless you all and thank you for being people of great integrity, people who aren’t swayed by the flicker of dishonest people on TV and dishonest bloggers at Buzzfeed and elsewhere.

A new world is ahead. Not a new world order, as they intended. A free world.

As was posted on Saboteur365 on February 26 in the comments section, there are doubts about his sincerity that some of us hold.

Feel free to disagree with me, but I believe he’s sincere in wanting to see the Deep State dismantled, with the #pizzagate players disgraced and imprisoned. He may have faults, like we all do, but his heart is in the right place.

Am I wrong?

8 thoughts on “David Seaman Emerges to Address His Disappearance Over Pizzagate Slander

  1. As I said in the earlier article that you had, Paladin, I certainly disagree with your support of Seaman and I think everyone, for now, needs to back off and check him out further.

    There are aspects which I did not mention in my comment below, such as the company he promotes, and has acknowledged taking favors from, is said to be backed by Soros. If that is not one of the biggest flags, I don’t know what would be. My original comment to you about him is below.

    I urge anyone and everyone to disregard what you have said entirely, and to read through each page of the following link for themselves, and to make up their own minds after the end of this 13 pages of thread at this good site below. I suspect they will come to a different conclusion than you seem to have, but they can make up their own minds until further facts are forthcoming, and try to resolve differences of opinion without doing further damage to the many legitimate people who are working hard to get the facts about this matter of pedos in public office resolved and placed before the proper authorities.


    A copy of my earlier comment at the other post you had is below.

    “I have read quite a bit which has been said about Seaman, and have seen a lot of material which exposes him to be likely a self-promoting infiltrator whose designs could be to inflict irreversible damage on real researchers who are trying earnestly to get these Pizzagate pedos exposed and tried. Similar methods were used before in regard to 911. I would be very hesitant to support him further if I were you, until you have investigated more fully to determine what other good people have had to say about what they have learned about him. I have some links, but I don’t want to search for them now, but remember that some of these people are quite crafty, and the BitGold which he promotes on his site, and which may be backing him, should also be considered as suspect.”

    • Below is a reasoned and factual video which discusses David Seaman and explains why some people are questioning certain matters about him.

      “David Seaman, Pizzagate & Goldmoney”

    • OK, we can disagree for now. I originally had written a conclusion that was more skeptical about him, but I found his video to be sincere as far as I can tell.

      The part I don’t understand about Seaman critics can be put this way: Is it that they think he’s just in #pizzagate to make money, or is there a belief that he’s damaging the credibility of the investigation? I am up to page 10 on the Conspiracy Outpost thread on him. I’ve spent an hour here and there since you posted it, carefully reading the excellent comments.

      The problem I have had with David is one night he posted a Tweet saying something like 17 key players in pizzagate were going to be arrested the next day. It didn’t happen. He also seems unstable to a degree. Who deletes all their vids and their Twitter page? I don’t see how any of this harms the investigation though. It’s a group effort involving thousands of people. He could turn his attention to something else tomorrow and the fight would continue.

      • A lot of yes answers here I believe. The fact that he is now just a one trick pony to the pizzagate story is a bit worrisome. His peace and love meandering also tells me he is one that prefers to smooth things over—and this is a character flaw for a journalist. I am on the fence, but my spidey senses are acting up on this fella…

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  3. I don’t agree with Seaman on his advice not to read “Rules For Radicals”. I think every thoughtful white man should read it. It was written by a sworn enemy that hates us and wants to destroy us, and it is the bible of cultural Marxists. Let us not forget that Hillary Clinton was a late disciple of Saul Alinsky.

    When I see the current stupid protests and rioting of late, I am well aware that I am witnessing pages right out of Alinsky’s book. Their protests fall on my deaf ears. In fact, knowing this makes me more resolute about National Socialism than anything else.

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