Movie Glorifying Negroid Faggotry Wins Best Pic After Embarrassing Mixup


Haha. Told ya. I knew this was going to be a night of Negro and immigrant worship in Hollywood.

I, probably like you, don’t watch any award ceremonies anymore. The so-called talent is in reality no-talent. None of them mean anything to me. They’re garbage.

Nonetheless, from what I have read, it must have been great to see Hollywood screw up by announcing the wrong movie had won. Then, (picturing in my mind) a group of jive-ass Niggers get invited to the stage to replace the Jews who thought they won.

Priceless. If it didn’t happen exactly that way, don’t tell me until tomorrow. Just thinking about the Nogs taking over Hollywood for a few minutes, with Jewish tails tucked between their legs is so much fun to contemplate.

The Best Picture Oscar went to Moonlight, an LGBT lovefest populated by blacks only. Hollywood is so cucked!

At the 89th Academy Awards, La La Land was announced as Best Picture winner—until the speech given was interrupted to announce that Moonlight actually won. It’s a shocking end to an awards season that pitted Damien Chazelle’s tribute to classic Hollywood against Barry Jenkins’s portrait of a young black man grappling with his sexuality.

Watch how the incompetent idiots handle their stupidity:

Watch the trailer for the so-called “Best Picture” here:

The Russians hacked the envelope. I love it:

I checked for a Trump Tweet to get his reaction to the situation, but there’s nothing yet, so enjoy the above Tweet.

11 thoughts on “Movie Glorifying Negroid Faggotry Wins Best Pic After Embarrassing Mixup

  1. “La La Land”.
    You can’t make this stuff up. This expression used to mean off with the pixies, or batshit crazy; or maybe a boxer who was so concussed he did not know his own name – he was in “La La Land”.. So now it is celebrating the history of Hollyweird?

    Koon buggering Darkie gets best picture. Who would have thought that might happen? Will the star end up dead like Heath Ledger after making the anal faggotry Brokepenis Mountain?

    Will the 99% go to watch a movie about men sucking off other men, all of whom happen to be black? This makes the movie about 14% (blacks) of the 3% (US population) of all LGBTs – less than 1% of the US population. The movie will be a big hit in Africa. Not. It will be banned it most African countries.

    Black sodomy – one Oscar. Alfred Hitchcock – zero.

    “Alfred Hitchcock never won an Oscar in competition (one of the biggest travesties of the film industry), although he was nominated for Best Director five times.”

    With Jews, you lose.

  2. Queers, whether they are jews, negroids, mexicans or white are perverts and the time is coming when we will dispose of this trash in the way which they most deserve. They assist with the treachery which jews’ in business suits have planned for our nation.

    This article below is one I consider a must read.

    “Then we’ve got this piece of work. For a few seconds I thought it was steroid queen Marion Jones, then I thought that maybe it was Serena Williams, but I realized that it was too small. When I got closer, I was able to see that it was just another, normal, 6’3” black fag in go-go boots and a mini-skirt. Normal. You go…er, girl. I guess.”

    • Niggers and faggots will never shut up because they’d lose their “victim” status. That’s how they get “stuff.”

  3. I don’t know anything much about who made LaLa Land, but what I saw looked like a last minute theatrical setup to be seen to pull the award off Whitey and hand it to Blackie. Everyone really does get a trophy just for turning up. This little drama was no screw-up. It was intended.

  4. This is being retweeted round about; funny because it’s from 2014, but could apply to 2017:

    I’m not sure if Trump himself pulled that up & RT’d it; haven’t checked his feed yet.

    As for ANY “award shows,” I may have watched 2-3 total decades ago. They were BORING then & are probably worse now.

  5. The jew-fest known as the Oscars is tripe. I did not watch this madness but read about the screw-up. I imagine that the jews let negroes handle the direction and production, and of course, they screwed it up. Regardless, it is all irrelevant nonsense. The jews had to throw a bone to the jigs, because all of this stuff is planned months in advance, and we know that Hillary was supposed to win the election and carry on Owmyball’s presidential legacy. The jew does not like the dark demon negro, but only tolerates the negro. This should be the last time, at least under Trump, that we see this kind of stupidity out of Hollyweird. The jews will be in firm control next time.

    • In the jew owned and operated town I grew up in, even back in the 1940-1960s jews were open and up front about them being the chosen and we goys as worthless smelly cattle, but one group was even lower the Schvartze, more commonly known as nigger….since the N world is now a high crime maybe we should adopt the yid term Schvartze

  6. Boy I must be unpatriotic in the jew world order dystopian world we live in. I didn’t know the awards were last night, plus I had never heard of the movie loonlight….uhh I mean moonlight.

    The koons will never be satisfied being the psychopathic species they are until every last YT is exterminated and kneegross account for 100% of all talent, news, accomplishments, etc

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