Charges Dropped Against Bastard Cop Who Allegedly Killed Three Police Dogs

In this Saboteur365 post on June 26, 2016, former Officer Daniel Peabody had been charged with killing two police dogs. Inka had been left to die in a hot car. Canine Officer Dale had been shot to death and buried on Peabody’s property.

The New York Daily News reported on July 5, 2016 that the body of a THIRD DOG was found on his property.

Because of a technicality, the charges relating to the dog’s murders have been dropped.


CHEROKEE COUNTY, Ga. — A former Cherokee County school police officer jailed after leaving his K-9 partner in the back of a hot vehicle has had some of those charges dropped, according to court documents obtained by 11Alive.

In June 10, 2016, officer Daniel Peabody allegedly pulled into the driveway of his home and left his K-9 Inka in the backseat of his vehicle while he went to “deal with another dog” inside. Officials said around 7 p.m., the officer remembered the 4-year-old Belgian Malinois was still in the patrol car and found the police canine dead in the rear vehicle.


Officials said Peabody drove home that day in a Ford Crown Victoria that was not equipped with cages or alarms and they believe that “played a factor” in what unfolded at the home. Authorities took Peabody into custody on June 22, and charged with felony animal cruelty as well as making false statements. Peabody previously pleaded not guilty.

But new court documents show that the counts related to animal cruelty will be dropped after Peabody and his lawyers argued that he did not receive proper warning that his case would be presented before a grand jury.

According to the statute in question, all officers have the right to be present with counsel during the state’s presentation of evidence to the grand jury and the right to make a statement.

The state argued that when Peabody left his car and went inside, he “stepped away” from his duties, therefore the law does not apply. However, Peabody contends that as a K-9 handler, his duties related to the police dog are continuous, and the death of Inka happened “during the performance of his duties.”

“Whether the indictment survives the motion of the Defendant turns on this issue,” the document stated.

Ultimately, the court concluded that Peabody was considered to be on duty when Inka died, therefore two of the counts against him have been dismissed. The charges against Peabody related to making false statements are not covered under the same statute and still stand.



3 thoughts on “Charges Dropped Against Bastard Cop Who Allegedly Killed Three Police Dogs

  1. When is a crime not a crime? When a cop is on duty.
    Yet this defense does not apply if any Coon is shot.
    Negligently leaving an animal or a human baby in a car is against the law and being on duty does not mean that it becomes legal. The only way it would be legal is if the cop was chasing a felon or such like urgent matter. Going in to his house is different. What work does he do inside his own house? Good job if you can get it.

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