ABC sportscaster suspended for calling Trump a ‘cartoon lunatic’


Mark Giangreco called us “simpletons.” He should know. His whole life revolves around sports, which is about as dumb as it gets unless you worship the Kardashians.

He also called President Donald Trump a “cartoon lunatic.” Usually, leftists get off to calling Trump a racist, but I’ve noticed the “lunatic” tag has been trending for a while.

Giangreco, popular with Chicargoans, according the source used in this post, should be fired, but will only have to serve out a suspension without pay.

Fox News

An ABC-TV sportscaster in Chicago has been suspended without pay for a tweet in which he called President Trump a “cartoon lunatic.”

The Disney-owned station said Thursday the multi-week suspension of Mark Giangreco, which is expected to begin Monday, violates the station’s ethical standards, according to the Chicago Tribune.

“Sports anchor Mark Giangreco’s Twitter comments are not in line with ABC 7 Chicago’s non-partisan editorial standards,” the station said in a statement. “We’ve reviewed the matter and are taking the appropriate action.”

The offending tweet came Sunday as Giangreco responded to a tweet by Toronto sportscaster Bruce Arthur, who wrote, “Donald Trump: a hateful ignorant corrupt simpleton supported by 87 (percent) of Republicans.”

Giangreco then chimed in with, “America exposed as a country full of simpletons who allowed this cartoon lunatic to be ‘elected’.”

The tweet was deleted but not before Chicago City Wire spotted it. The suspension was first publicized by blogger Robert Feder, who said Giangreco is “one of Chicago’s highest-paid and most popular sportscasters for 35 years.”

Media observers found the suspension a contrast to the way public criticisms of President Obama or his wife were treated. Such attacks often resulted in the critic — whether a journalist or not — being fired suspended. By contrast, criticism of Trump has not resulted in such frequent or severe punishments.

6 thoughts on “ABC sportscaster suspended for calling Trump a ‘cartoon lunatic’

  1. Above all….Sports news is fake ……Please God, release me from ever having to hear or care about any sports figure or news person lament on their position in life…

  2. Greek surname, Jewish nose. No way is this guy Greek.

    A Greek nose is perfectly straight from the top to bottom when viewed in a profile; it has no curves, bumps or hooks.

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