White Cop Who Fired Warning Shot at Teen Mob in Viral Video Injured, Property Vandalized



On February 23, this post on Saboteur365 described the teen mob that decided to go after an off duty Los Angeles police officer in his front yard. The pictures above show the incident, as does the youtube video embedded below.

It now emerges that the officer’s home and vehicles have been severely vandalized since the story went viral.

As originally reported, there have been protests against his “police brutality” and a condemnatory statement by the mayor of Anaheim, California, where the incident took place.

The property damage was caused by a mob of hundreds of rampaging protesters who invaded the officer’s suburban neighborhood the night following his confrontation with the hostile youths. Apparently, the police allowed a fellow officer’s home and vehicles to be damaged, as there are no arrests reported. Neighbor’s homes and property were also reportedly destroyed by the white-hating mob of Mexicans.



Excerpt from a long article at the Daily Mail

The off-duty Los Angeles police officer who fired his gun during a confrontation with teenagers this week has never done it before, his lawyer told Dailymail.com in an exclusive interview today.

‘He has never shot his weapon in the line of duty,’ said attorney Larry Hanna, representing the LAPD cop who went into hiding yesterday after an angry mob smashed windows and vandalized vehicles at his Anaheim home the night following the shooting incident.

Hanna – who refused to reveal his client cop’s name – said that he is a patrolman who has been with the Los Angeles Police Department for about five years.

During that time, Hanna told Dailymail.com, ‘There is nothing significant in his record with LAPD that is bad or negative in any way. He has never been disciplined and I don’t know if he’s had any commendations.’

The police officer’s tranquil life off duty at the quiet suburban home he shares with his elderly parents was turned upside down February 21.

He got into a pushing and shoving battle with a group of youths – which ended with him pulling his gun from his waistband and firing it into the ground.

During the melee with the teens – which was caught on video – the officer ‘was bleeding and took a serious blow to the head that made him dizzy and almost caused him to pass out,’ Hanna told Dailymail.com.

‘The paramedics looked at him but he declined to go to the hospital.’

Hanna added: ‘What led to the incident in the first place was one of the teens said to him, “I’m going to shoot you.” That’s why he grabbed that boy, intending to detain him until local police arrived.’

In a video of the altercation, the cop can be heard claiming the 13-year-old said he was going to shoot him.

But the teen quickly responds: ‘I didn’t say that. Why you lying? I said, ‘I’m going to sue you’.’

Moments later in the clip, another boy charges the off-duty cop and knocks him over in an attempt to free his friend.

But the cop does not let go, and instead reaches into his waistband and pulls out his weapon.

Seconds later, a shot rings out and the group of teens quickly run away from the house.

The LA officer’s 69-year-old father – who has a muscular disease and was on crutches watching his son battling the teenagers – called 911 and Anaheim cops showed up to arrest a 13 year-old and 15 year-old.

Video footage of the incident, which quickly went viral on YouTube and Facebook, caused a protest with 300 people, some of whom showed up on the LAPD officer’s street – West Palais Road in Anaheim – smashing windows and daubing ugly graffiti on his home and neighboring properties.

This is a shot of the Mexican mob of protesters.

You can watch the cell phone video of the confrontation between the “children” (as the media calls them) and the officer. Very clearly, he did nothing wrong, but he now has a lawyer to defend himself in court from whatever may happen.

CBS News reports that the town’s Mexican police chief has stated that there is “insufficient evidence” to arrest the officer. However, his gun has been confiscated and he has been suspended, the first steps toward being fired.

This video was embedded in the CBS story. The stupid f*cks got another house besides the officer’s.

One more thing. The CBS report says the arrested 13 year old Mexican who threatened to shoot the white officer is THE SON OF A COP!!!

11 thoughts on “White Cop Who Fired Warning Shot at Teen Mob in Viral Video Injured, Property Vandalized

  1. It’s getting to the point that victims should just stand on the porch and shoot them like
    they were rats. These aren’t kids, their criminals. The word ‘kids’, ‘youths’ is

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  3. It will get ugly in that area. Just as California leads the loony trends in everything else, we will see these instances occur among us inferior, flyover evil YT’s. Feral, colored savage mobs will target LEO’s for harassment. Christ, now the guy is in hiding. How in the hell could these savages blatantly vandalize the LEO’s property and the neighbor’s property? In what kind of insane loony bin are we living anyhow? Is this what we want? These tactics (harassment/violence and more) are practiced against LEO’s and journalist by the drug cartels in Mexico and other Third-World hell-holes. Christ, the police in civilized European countries are targeted and their countries have No-Go zones inhabited by their negro/Muslim savages. Our colored savages are not stupid and see and copy these same tactics, because they know that our law enforcement agencies and mayoral offices will do nothing to stop it. Instead, just like the Europeans, our police get prosecuted and sacrificed if one of their protected colored pets is injured or killed by a LEO who was performing his sworn duty. Man people, arm up and always be ready for a spontaneous out-break of vibrant diversity.

  4. Look at those wonderful anchor babies!! ((Dreamers)) Americans dreams can come true when we deport all of these junior criminals and their criminal illegal parents..Maybe the cop should of shot them! Why were these criminals all on his property like cockroaches?? DEPORT

  5. “‘The paramedics looked at him but he declined to go to the hospital.”

    Whites are a bit light in the brains department when it comes to claims for compensation, using shyster lawyers for profit, and victim hood. All non whites know the game and I include Greeks, Turks, Lebanese, Mexicans as an example. Not just dark skinned Muslims and Blacks. Jews too know all about compo and how to get it, and burn their own outdated clothing factories for insurance profit. 911 was an insurance job, a Jewish BBQ.

    If his head was injured, the cop should have gone to hospital and preferably in an ambulance. This would have helped promote his version of the event a lot.
    Not going to hospital makes him the perpetrator and not the victim. Dopey chump – although head injuries prevent people from thinking clearly. He maybe can sue the paramedics for not taking him to hospital for this very reason. How can someone with a brain injury be allowed to make the decision about whether to go to hospital or not?

    Whites better start thinking like victims ASAP else they will pay through the nose for tinted parasites forever.
    Think of the house and car insurance to repair the white mob violence. Many in the photo are white and not Mexican.
    Whites pay for insurance.
    Non whites make the claims.
    Whites pay taxes.
    Non whites collect the welfare.
    Non whites are parasites dragging white civilization down in to the mud, Back to the jungle.

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