Trump Hating Begins Immediately at Oscars 2017

I’m guessing that blacks and other nowhites will win big at the Oscars Sunday night. Liberals have to prove they’re not racists, no matter whether the winners are deserving or not. Just think of the Oscars sh*t show as affirmative action writ large.

It’s not worth getting angry over people who are nothing to us. Like the people of Hollyweird.

There’a natural human desire to like stories and story tellers.

But the stories that Hollywood tells these days are often disgusting and/or uninteresting. Likewise the actors.

Reading books offers opportunities to experience good stories without having to enrich pampered so-called celebrities.

To be honest, I don’t know anything about any of the “stars” or their stories. Well, Mel Gibson seems a decent enough guy. But I can’t run my life based on exceptions.

Thus, #nooscarsforme:

I believe the Hollyweird sh*t show is still going on. More later if something really big happens, like one of them threatening to kill President Trump.

7 thoughts on “Trump Hating Begins Immediately at Oscars 2017

  1. (((Mel Brooks))), clown and funnyman, won two (((Oscars))). Alfred many the greatest director and movie maker in history, won Zero Oscars.

    The Oscars, like the Dynamite Prize for Pieces, are Jew parades showing off their hubris.
    Jew Supremacy.
    Jew Advantage.

  2. John Wayne was the biggest money maker these jews ever had. He was always trying to make good inroads with these parasites. The only brass dildo he ever got was playing a drunk named Rooster Cogburn. He plugged their anti-Hitler diatribes all his life and they still sneered at him. Hateful blood sucking larcenous perverted worms.

  3. Who in their right mind watches no-talent hack jews jerk-off each other in a mutual masturbation orgy? These kikes can go to kike hell.

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