Trump Boycotts White House Correspondent’s Dinner

donald-trump-winning-gop smile grin


President Donald Trump wins again.

The White House Correspondent’s Dinner is a mean, angry roast of Republican presidents, while a gentle poking of fun at Democrats.

Why should Donald Trump be required to sit in a room full of people who hate his guts and give them the chance to insult him via so-called humor? Sick, disgusting, nasty “humor.”

He shouldn’t.

And now the reporters he’s boycotting are angry. George W. Bush played the victim. But not our Glorious Leader.

Click on the Trump Tweet above and read the nasty comments, which Trump never reads.

6 thoughts on “Trump Boycotts White House Correspondent’s Dinner

  1. I agree 100%. Why go any place where you know nothing but seething hatred awaits?

    I’m sure they were drooling while sharpening their “knives of humor,” in anticipation of chopping up Trump limb to limb.

    I hope they had a lousy BORING dinner & that their spirits were crushed without their Enemy #1 to pick on.

    “WE Teach People How To Treat Us.”
    ~~Dr. Phil.

    So Trump is teaching them that he won’t tolerate their paranoia, lies, delusions, hysteria — even if disguised as humor, as you say.

    Since Trump now occupies the “Office of the President,” respect, not mocking, is due him.

    • He’s taking a big hit on Twitter, but Twitter has banned so many Trump supporters that it’s now a leftist sewer.

      They may bring Alec Baldwin in to play Trump, thereby showing what vile, sick, disgusting people they are.

      • I said this a few months back. If Trump hopped over to GAB, it would bring down Twatter, and create a massive swing towards alternative social media platforms—which is the only way we can win this culture war…

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  3. Smart move by our Glorious Leader. This dinner is a venue that has been used in the past to roast (denigrate) Republican presidents and anyone who is not a lisping, mincing, limp-wristed faggot leftist/libtard “journalist”. In other words a normal conservative patriotic American. It is a night that all of the (((press overlords))) and their army of blond shiksa news teleprompter readers engage in a massive orgy of self-masturbation. Heil Trump!

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